A Closer Look At Joint Knee Pain Swelling

An injury to the knee joint when you’re an existing condition of degenerative knee disease can cause a degenerative knee injury. These injuries can either be caused by a physical incident, by overuse or general wear and tear. Any injury to the knee can cause agonizing pain. This is several times more likely for a person who has an existing knee condition as opposed to someone who has perfectly healthy knees.

There are some effective ways in which you can help treat a degenerative knee injury while you’re at home.

Two weeks earlier, she awakened to find her ankle — not her knee — swollen and painful. She didn’t remember hurting it (‘It just blew up,’ she said), and when she took it easy for a couple of days, it got better. ‘But just as soon as it was O.K., my wrist swelled up. It was big, and it really hurt. I was getting worried, but it got better, too.’ The next day, though, her knee began to swell, and she …

If you have previously been diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the knee and find that you have a degenerative knee injury, you’ll probably want to consider over the counter pain medication (speak with your personal physician about all medical advice regarding your situation, especially before taking any medications). While taking pain relievers isn’t deemed to be good for the stomach on a long term basis, they’re the most effective ways of providing immediate pain relief for the short term. Because over the counter pain medication is cheap and readily available, it is among the most convenient ways to handle the pain symptoms involved with such an injury.

An ice pack can keep the swelling down with respect to a degenerative knee injury and will also provide you much needed pain relief, even if it’s only temporarily. When used in conjunction with over the counter pain medication, this is an effective method for relieving pain and swelling. Many times you’ll only have to go to the ice pack periodically for several days till the injury subsides.

When you have a degenerative knee joint you don’t want to remain immobile as this can make the joint stiffen even more. However, if you have a degenerative knee injury, you should rest the joint while the injury heals. This can entail keeping your knee elevated for several days while using an ice pack and during the counter pain medication as well as a knee brace. As the injury heals you’ll want to gradually go back to some activity (as allowed by your physician) to hold the joint from stiffening to the point where it can be hard to move.

A knee brace can also do wonders for you if you’re a degenerative knee injury. Not only does it help contain the pain and swelling during occasional flare ups but it also helps prevent further damage to the knee (Very important). A knee support can help provide meaningful stability to your knee, without making your movements seem cumbersome. It can even help you sleep better without having to be afraid of making any involuntary movement that may aggravate the condition.

They can be easily obtained in addition, you can use them right away to help provide you with meaningful support. Many times people that use knee braces will refer to them as their ‘pain stopper’ on account of the relief that they are able to help provide. – These supports can be really effective and not be neglected as a helpful treatment option.

Immobilize the knee, and let it to heal naturally. Knee braces can help provide support for patients that suffer from meniscal tears. Knee braces can help reduce pain and provide added support to the knee area. If you are an active person, using a knee brace when you’re healthy may help to prevent a meniscus tear. They are a very useful adjunct to your health care.

A degenerative knee injury can be troublesome and painful and while it can happen to a person who has osteoarthritis of the knee, it isn’t always a medical emergency. The good point is that there are some effective treatment methods that you will be able to use, without first having to undergo an invasive surgical procedure. Conservative treatment for knee injuries will normally allow for your knee to heal, although you should consult with your physician if you’re concerned.

However, if the degenerative knee injury lasts for longer than a week or if it becomes increasing painful or causes a fever; it is essential that you see your health care provider.

QUESTION: Insect bite that led to swelling, redness and joint pain?
This morning I woke up with an area on my right knee that looked like a mosquito bite and put some Children's Benadryl Camphor Gel on it. As the day progressed, the bite became more swollen, red and warm. Throughout the day, I had started feeling pain in my right knee whenever I knelt or moved my knee further than around 30 or so degrees. However, by the evening, the joint pain had increased to the point where it became painful to walk and my knee would feel stiff when I stood. At the same time, the pain and other symptoms also appeared on my left knee. Currently, I've found around 6 bite-looking bumps on both knees (3 on each) and both are in the same condition of redness, swelling and joint pain. I was wondering what this may be caused by and if it's serious enough to go see a doctor. Some other information that may be important is that a couple of months ago, I was in a hot tub like thing for about 30 minutes and my knees began aching very badly (even after exiting the warm area) for about 30 more minutes. I also have patella-femoral pain syndrome and I'm a 17 year old female. I included the incident with the hot tub because I've been wondering if my joint pain is related to heat (which came from both a hot tub situation and from the warmth from the bites)

  • Normally with symptoms like bites, swelling and joint pain the first thing that should be checked is tick bites, more seriously ticks that can spread lyme disease, a good indicator of this being the case is if you have swollen glands under the armpit and in the pelvic region under the hip bone. However because you said that the bites seem to be identical being on both knees and because you didn't any ticks still at the bite site i would imagine it has to do with your previous condition…i doubt the hot tub is an issue if it was a couple of months ago or else that could be an allergic or bacterial reaction. I would suggest going to a doctor…get well soon!