Achy Joints Sinus Infection

If you are suffering from possible sinus symptoms now or have from time to time or symptoms that you are not sure are sinus infection symptoms, in the next article I’ll outline what the majority of them are. Also if your sinuses are either inflamed OR infected it’s called sinusitis.

One of the most common symptoms and not commonly recognized is an achy feeling all over. Perhaps you feel more tired than usual. Most people won’t connect this with a sinus infection unless they have had one before. Because they’re systemic-meaning the whole body is involved-you can experience symptoms that may make you think you’re a cold.

Achy joints sinus infection

Another sign of a sinus infection is spitting up small yellowish plugs. The yellow tinge will most always be a sure sign. It’s possible to obtain other color-tinged mucous but yellow is near certain.

If you are in the beginning stages you may not have spit up any plugs yet. This is a good time to catch it and take good care of it using natural treatment and tried and true home remedies.

Another sign may represent a slight or severe headache or head or facial pain that nothing will relieve. This could be in the field of the checks, forehead, between the eyes or the upper part of the head and one-sided. The headache on top of your head may be related to the sphenoid sinuses which lie deep in the head. The other headaches will involve the frontal, ethmoid or maxillary sinuses. All in all you have four sets of sinus cavities.

Another symptom is a slight non-productive cough-meaning it does not produce anything. It may come and go with nothing coming up. People often think they are getting bronchitis or a lung problem. But a cough is very common, so that ought to be a consideration. Of course you do not have to get a full-blown infection to experience this cough. You may just have irritated nasal passages or irritated sinus cavities.

A congested nose may be a more obvious sign but it is not always an indicator. If you have an irritated or slightly sore throat-that can become a less obvious sign. Most people do not connect their irritated throat with a sinus problem. But drainage seeps down into the rear of the throat from the sinuses.

The cause of most acute and chronic sinus infections is fungi not bacteria. Also smog, dust mite droppings, smoke, and all sorts of air-borne particles. So you want to think about how to avoid them in the future.

These are just some of the most common sinus infection symptoms. Of course you will want to find out how to stop getting them if you are getting them time and time again and how to deal with them naturally, using no drugs. Antibiotics don’t work for sinus infections, even though for years this is what doctors prescribed. And drugs and medications aren’t a good idea.