Anti Inflammatory Drugs List Over Counter

Are you suffering from sciatica? You’ve a list of treatments to pick from such as home remedies, alternative therapies, surgery and so on. However, the most commonly preferred mode of treatment is the use of medicines. There are a range of medicines to choose from. Medicines provide easy respite from the signs of sciatica and are effective in dropping the level of pain too.

When looking for medications for sciatica, you get the alternative of choosing between over the counter pain relief medications and prescription drugs. Over the counter medicines are usually NSAIDs (Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs) that help ease sciatic pain. These medicines are highly effective and could reduce pain almost instantly. However, a big flipside to these medications is the numerous side effects they’re accompanied with. Stomach ulcers, diarrhoea, and nausea are among the popular negative effects of these medications.

Were you aware of that?

There is another group of OTC drugs that not just treats pain but also the inflammation associated with the problem. It is the inflammation of the sciatic nerve. This is the real cause of pain. As the inflammation subsides, the symptoms also ease out.

While in most cases, OTC pain medications provide a resolution to the problem, there’re some severe situations that ask for the need of prescription drugs. Ideally, doctors may prescribe anti inflammatory medications in conjunction with a muscle relaxant. While the anti inflammatory medication eases the inflammation of the sciatic nerve, muscle relaxants help ease the stress of the muscles.

Even narcotic drugs are prescribed to some patients. Although, these medicines are in frequent use, their use is not acknowledged by many. The excuse being the amount of side effects these medicines bring along. Another kind of prescription drugs that are in use are the anticonvulsant drugs and the tricylic anti depressants. This category of medicines functions by obstructing the pain signals from going to the brain. They also facilitate the increased production of endorphins in the body. Endorphins are called the feel good hormones. They also act as natural pain killers.

While medicines are an effective remedy to sciatica, especially if you are attempting to find quick relief, they must be used cautiously. Heavy reliance upon these medicines should be avoided as it may have different ill effects in the long run. If you’re taking prescription drugs, then ensure that you be in accordance with the usage instructions given by your physician. Avoid overdose at all costs because it could cause major side effects. In case, you lose a dose consult your doctor about what you should do.

In addition, you may utilize numerous alternative therapies to the challenge the problem. This will be sure that you don’t depend only on drugs. So, while you employ medicines to heal sciatica, make sure that you’re careful sufficient.