Anti Inflammatory Drugs You Shoot Up

Tendons are bands of connective tissue that attach muscles to bones. The biceps tendons that attach the biceps muscle at the shoulder and the elbow can get inflamed when one indulges in vigorous activities like lifting heavy weights. This condition is medically referred to as bicipital tendonitis. The inflamed tendon is more likely to cause hurt the biceps in the upper arm. Tennis elbow is another example of tendonitis. Doctors prescribe rest as well as the use of anti-inflammatory drugs to treat this problem. Application of ice packs may also help. Sessions with a physiotherapist might be needed to build the muscles and tendons and recover the spectrum of motion of the arm.

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treatment for wrist tendonitis?
I've had wrist tendonitis for months now, usually with shooting pains up and down my lower arm/wrist Theres no numbing affect so I'm pretty sure its not carpel tunnel. Are there any other treatments for this instead of cortisone shots, ice pack and resting the wrist? can a doctor prescribe an anti inflammatory drug or muscle relaxant?

  • Stabalising isnt always the best aswer. I have tendonitis, but not any more. What happens is fasia or mineral deposites build up in your wrist and irratate the nerves causing swelling and pain. I suggest avid stretching 3x a day along with motrin if needed. Stretching includes your whole body b/c it loosins other things that may effect your wrist.

  • I work at my computer all day and my right wrist really bothers me from using the mouse and I bought one of those wrist supports and wear them when I work now. Makes a huge difference.