Apple Cider Vinegar Arthritis Drug Updates

The health benefits of apples have been immortalized with the saw, ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away. ‘ We all know that apples are highly nutritious. Apple cider vinegar, which is produced through fermentation of whole apples, has long been used as a health supplement. During the fifties ‘, an American doctor called Dr. J. C. Darvis wrote a book on folk medicine, in which he had claimed that apple cider vinegar is a treatment for a host of medical conditions. The book was a huge hit and the popularity of apple cider vinegar too skyrocketed. People started using it as a dietary supplement. Now it is very popular as a weight loss aid.

As mentioned above, apple cider vinegar is claimed to have numerous health benefits, including weight loss. You might have heard about the different diet plans involving this vinegar. Apple cider vinegar lecithin kelp diet is a weight loss diet plan that was presented in the 1960s’. As the name rightly suggests, a combination of this vinegar, kelp, vitamin, and lecithin B6, was used for losing weight. The proponents of this plan argued that it can promote metabolism and burn body fat, in a faster rate. But nowadays, apple cider vinegar in itself is said to be sufficient for weight loss.

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There is no proven theory to establish the efficacy of apple cider vinegar for weight loss. It is thought that the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and other components in this vinegar jointly act to raise the rate of metabolism, reduce water retention and suppress appetite. If consumed before meals, it may lead to a sensation of fullness for a longer time, thereby reducing food cravings. It is further recommended that for adopting such a diet, you have to employ a product. This is made through double fermentation of whole organic apples. It shouldn’t be distilled, filtered or pasteurized, as these processes can spoil the beneficial components. Some people use apple cider vinegar tablets for this purpose. However, tablets aren’t preferred, as there are no strict standards regarding their production and sale. Even the bottled vinegar should be of a really good quality, if you are going to use it for medicinal purposes.

It is suggested that so as to achieve weight loss, you have to begin with a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar (mixed in a cup of water) before every meal. You may gradually increase the amount that two teaspoons. In case of tablets, normally, a single tablet of 285 milligrams is used daily. In fact, there is no standardized dosage of apple cider vinegar. Though there is no scientific evidence for this claim, there are people who vouch for the efficiency of this vinegar in achieving weight loss. However, it is very much important to take this diet plan, as per the directions of a qualified herbal practitioner. You must also seek the advice of your doctor, before starting the diet.

Even though apple cider vinegar is among the most popular natural remedies and is widely used for weight loss and other health benefits, the truth is that there’s no solid scientific backing for these claims. Owing to the popularity of this vinegar, the claims regarding its health benefits should have been investigated and proved by now. But the reality is that few studies have been undertaken till date, as well as the results are still inconclusive. According to a research conducted in 2009, ingestion of apple cider vinegar caused a fall in the rate of body fat accumulation, in mice. The conclusion of a Japanese study was that intake of apple cider vinegar may result in a nominal weight loss in humans. This study is also inconclusive, as there wasn’t any proof to establish that the weight loss happened was only due to consumption of apple cider vinegar, as the subjects were on a low-calorie diet too. Though there are numerous claims about the health benefits of apple cider vinegar, still they’re not proved scientifically.

In small amounts, apple cider vinegar may not cause any side effects. However, long-term use of such product, that too in large amounts may result in certain health problems. The possible side effects of apple cider vinegar in high doses are hypokalemia (low potassium level) and osteoporosis. It may also interact with certain prescription drugs and supplements. It is advisable to avoid intake of this vinegar, if you’re using diuretics, laxatives or medication for cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Some people are reported to have developed esophageal burns, after using apple cider vinegar. Consumption of this vinegar in undiluted form may cause loss of tooth enamel.

Apple cider vinegar is rich in vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, potash, alcoholic acids, propionic acid, pectin, and minerals. Hence it is regarded as the best diet supplement. It is also said that this vinegar can lower blood cholesterol, help digestion, lower blood pressure, strengthen the heart, normalize blood sugar and prevent cancer. Apple cider vinegar is likewise said to be good for preventing leg cramps and arthritis. Some people use diluted form of this vinegar as a hair wash, because it is said to fight dandruff. This product is also claimed to flush out harmful toxins from the body. It is also popular as a weight loss aid. However, it is extremely important to use this vinegar in recommended doses, as high dosage can be damaging to the body. So it is always better to seek the advice of your doctor before adopting an apple cider vinegar weight loss diet.

Right now, however, despite what the apple cider vinegar weight loss diets claims about its capacity to aid weight loss, I cannot recommend an apple cider vinegar weight loss diet simply because I haven’t seen any research that promotes the many claims that the apple cider vinegar weight loss diet is known for.

I recommend you avoid the apple cider vinegar weight loss diet. If you want to improve your weight loss results, consider using extra virgin olive oil, drizzled on your salads and vegetables, as well as fish oil supplements. These are high in Omega 3, known for its remarkable health benefits. Other proven supplements include green tea. This is high in anti-oxidants.

This article is for informational purposes only and shouldn’t be utilized as a replacement for expert medical advice.