Arthritis And Fingers Myths And Facts

Arthritis in fingers is a well known symptom of arthritis. This is either of the worst nightmares that someone can experience. I mean, we do much of our work with our hand and fingers! These are obviously highly important element of our daily routines. It will be hard to do any kind of a job when your fingers are hurting or when your finger joints are damaged by an arthritis attack. There are two types of arthritis that can attack fingers: osteoarthritis and rheumatic arthritis. The former is the product of years of wear and tear and therefore, affects the elderly people. The latter happens when the immune system attacks finger joints without any reason and therefore, affects people of any age.

In osteoarthritis, the body is not capable of coping with damage. The former elasticity of the connective tissue is likewise lost. It practically makes the mobility of the bones difficult in the finger. Avoid cracking your knuckles because this might finally result in arthritis in fingers for sure. Know that in rheumatoid arthritis, the damage happens much more quickly.

The symptoms for these two types of arthritis in fingers are the same. The symptoms are swelling, stiffness, cracking sounds, immobility just to name only a few. In the early stages of arthritis, there may be a small swelling or even pain in joints. The cracking sounds come from your joints whenever you move the fingers. When the connective tissue damages your fingers may become immovable and might even change their original shape. So you have been warned, so do not scare yourself to much if that happens! A variety of treatments can relieve the pain in fingers. There are certain medications to reduce inflammation and swelling. Such patients in the earlier stages of arthritis can be dealt with physical therapy, while those with later stages of arthritis require particular surgeries. There are many natural remedies as well which include healthy diet and lifestyle. This can help your body’s immune system fight against arthritis.

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It is necessary to see a doctor if you think there is pain in your finger joints and it swells up every now and then. This should be addressed at the earlier occasion. In order to diagnose whether or not an individual is suffering from arthritis, the doctor might suggest you to take X-rays and blood test to determine the degree of the problem and its treatment. There are anti-inflammatory drugs which target the symptoms and not to the actual disease.

Anti-inflammatory medications are the most frequently used treatment for arthritis in fingers, just as it is when arthritis targets the other joints of the body. While these medications only provide temporary relief, for most people who’ve arthritis in fingers, it is sufficient to restore daily function. In most cases, individuals with arthritis can live relatively normal lives by using medicines prescribed by their doctors.

A balanced diet is required to reduce the pain due to arthritis. Among other facts, the intake of Fatty and junk foods from meals are necessary to be decreased. Other good notes will be that fresh fruits and vegetables intake should be increased so that the condition of vitamins and minerals is met. On the other hand, steroids are used to alleviate the patient from pain but it has its side effects. Surgery and splinting is the best for patients with a severe form of arthritis.