Arthritis Blood Work Exposed

Being diagnosed with high blood pressure doesn’t mean having to change every aspect of your life. It means having to watch your diet, to exercise regularly and to take prescribed medications. It also means having to monitor your blood pressure, either daily or weekly, or however often your doctor requires you to do so.

Taking your own blood pressure isn’t a difficult endeavor, and with a little practice, you can become as good as a nurse at reading and monitoring your own blood pressure. There are many different types of blood pressure monitors available these days. Many of them engage with the simple push of a button. Determining which kind you feel comfortable with and also which one is most affordable determines a little research and expertise of a few basics.

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FAQ’s: Rheumatoid Arthritis Blood Work?
Does blood work always determine if you have Rheumatoid Arthritis. My friend shows a lot of symptoms of it and her doctor still thinks she has it even though the blood work does not show it, I know there is not a blood test for it but she said they look for a certain thing in the blood to see if you do. Should she still bother seeing a doctor for it even though the blood work was normal? Thank you

  • Yes she should still see the doctor and get the treatment even if her blood work doesn't show anything. She could be in the 10% that will never have it show up in the blood work. This group is called seriro negative (I know I spelled it wrong but I could not find the spelling). What the doctors should do is look at all of her symptoms and look at the SED rate. The SED rate is just a test to see how much inflammation is in the body. She needs to start on the meds ASAP to prevent any damage to her joints. Please check out WebMD for more information on RA. They have everything there. Also they have a RA boards there where you can talk to people with RA and they will help you with all your questions. With Hope and Kind Words Darcey

  • Early stages of RA don't always result in "positive" lab work. She should see a rheumatologist. Caught early, it can be controlled so that she doesn't suffer as much joint damage in the later stages.

  • The machine will automatically inflate the cuff and display a systolic and diastolic blood pressure reading within a minute or less. With an old-fashioned cuff, you’ll need to wrap the cuff around your upper arm and then with the consumption of a stethoscope, inflate the rubber ball, pump the cuff to the appropriate pressure and then release a little knob on the rubber ball that will enable the cuff to deflate. This method, it is necessary for the user have good hearing, so keep that in mind when shopping.

    For most seniors, a digital blood pressure monitor is fast, simple and easy. Often, digital monitors will have enlarged numbers for display, making it easy for people with poor eyesight to read the numbers. Not having to listen for heart sounds with the employment of a stethoscope makes this model favored among older people.

    In addition, many persons suffering from arthritis or weak fingers and joints have difficulties pumping up the rubber ball that inflates an old fashioned cuff, something that isn’t necessary with an electronic digital blood pressure monitor. Keep in mind however, that a digital monitor is more costly than the older, analog cuff method, but provides conveniences that more than outweigh the rise in cost.

    Also, there are several other kinds of blood pressure monitors available for those diagnosed with high blood pressure, and your doctor may suggest one over each other for various reasons. When speaking with your doctor about blood pressure monitors, ask his or her opinion about which will work best for your condition, abilities and needs.

    Most blood pressure monitors are covered by health insurance plans, but ask both your doctor and your insurance company before you buy. In some cases, your physician may be required to write a prescription for one in order for it to be covered.