Arthritis Fat Fingers – Some Interesting Facts

Do your fingers hurt so much because of your muscle joint pain? Finger joint pain represents one of the symptoms of rheumatic arthritis. Swelling and stiffness of your fingers might indicate you might be suffering from arthritis.

Rheumatoid arthritis is a degenerative inflammatory disease of the joints. As people grow old, the joint and bone starts to drop as well as decreasing the lubrication on the joints. The lubrication is accountable for the flexibility and joint movements. Bone frictions may arise thus making the joints inflamed without it.

Symptoms of hand arthritis include hand and finger joint pain, tenderness and swelling on the affected areas. There is a deformity on fingers, in particular on the middle joints. There is numbness on the fingers. There is occasional body malaise and fever. Pain is often felt in cold weathers.

Arthritis Fat Fingers Uncloaked…

There are underlying factors involving muscle joint pain and arthritis. They are the genetic factors, environmental factors, illness, lifestyle, hormones, and exercise. More women suffer from hand and finger arthritis than men. This is as a result of the hormones found in pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Treatments for hand and finger arthritis include drug regimens, natural remedies, home remedies, and herbal supplements. In severe cases, a surgical procedure is required. There are also managements to help alleviate finger pain.

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Regular exercise and proper diet will help prevent hand arthritis. Avoiding carrying too much weight load is a must. Frequent but light hand exercises are advised. Avoiding too much salt in your diet will prevent inflammation. Decreasing the fat or cholesterol content on your diet will help you maintain your weight. Obese people are more prone to arthritis.

If your finger joint pain is making a hassle on your daily activities or it is troubling you too much, seek a doctor’s advice. He can give you recommendations on how to handle it. Don’t let muscle joint pain ruin your day, seek help now.

QUESTION: A question about arthritis?
Well, I am 16, and I've been cracking my fingers for a long time like i think I started at 7 or something and I can't stop cracking them it's so addicting. Can you really get arthritis from cracking fingers? My fingers now and curved and they look kind of fat in the middle and I am a pretty skinny guy. Am I going to have arthritis? If so, how can I stop it or is it too late? I don't want to get that at age 40 or something it will suck.

  • Cracking your knuckles does not cause Arthritis. I never cracked mine and I had Arthritis at 21. Best of Luck

  • There is no scientific evidence to show that cracking your knuckles leads to arthritis. However, it can't be good to repeatedly push your bone joints beyond their normal physical range.