Arthritis Hand In Hand You And I

Hi Rusty. A few days ago, I slightly injured a finger on my hand. Now my hand is swelling with severe joint pain in the fingers. At first I thought this was a possible sprain in that region. However, now my other hand is showing the same swelling of the fingers and pain of the joints. Should I go check this out right away? It does not appear to be getting worse today. However, the pain and swelling are persistent. Could this be a sudden arthritis attack? I’m 38 years old and in good health (I just had a check-in place at the doctor last week and the blood work came back okay).

Ouch, a little sprain isn’t had to do that. Unfortunately some times it does. I am sorry to hear about this. It isn’t unusual for arthritis to begin in an effected joint. It isn’t the standard for it to set in so quickly. There are various types of arthritis that can effect the hands and feet that can cause swelling. It is possible that arthritis was already beginning but not showing symptoms yet but this triggered a symptomatic response.

Arthritis hand in hand you and i

I am concerned that the pain is bilateral, effecting both sides. I doubt it is anything extremely serious but it would be a good idea to see your doctor. The sooner the better. If nothing else, your doctor will be in a position to treat the pain and swelling. But if it is arthritis or one of the other requirements that can cause this kind of swelling in the fingers the earlier the diagnosis the better.