Arthritis Health Trivia And Facts Quiz

Maybe that’s why there it The Clueless quiz. The hope is that one has a clue towards the end of that quiz.

The internet has funny quizzes to take. Many of these are for enlightenment, but end up as amusement. The results can be hilarious.

Seven days ago, I posed the question ‘Is marijuana addictive?’ to six so-called answer Web sites. It didn’t take long for me to get a wisecracking answer: ‘If you don’t think it is addictive try stopping for three weeks. A challenge.’ I posted five questions to six of those increasingly popular answer Web sites. Rather than use reference Web sites that help people find answers by directing them to other online resources, I focused on Web sites where people answer the …

There is The Control Freak quiz. A true control freak cannot stand this quiz because it is on the internet. There’s no way to examine the answers before finishing.

The Scaredy Cat quiz is a forgone conclusion. A person who is a Scaredy Cat would be too frightened to go near this quiz.

You can also have fun with the internet’s Love Meter quiz. Find out what celebrities are a good match for you and your friends.