Arthritis Help Aids Uk

In 1942, in Bournemouth, England, a group of forty-nine people who had all suffered and recovered from arthritis came together to form The Arthritis Association Every one of them had suffered from the condition but had fully recovered from it. The early story of the association tells a story of the way in which the first meeting was full of past sufferers expressing great gratitude to a man named Charles de Coti-Marsh. It is reported that through great patience, kindness, and skill, he managed to help people who were crippled by the disease to walk again and offered comfort and understanding to many others who suffered form it. It is said he worked with arthritis sufferers for twenty six years and in that time helped thousands to fight against the condition and return to health.

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Today, the Arthritis Association in the UK is continuing in Charles de Coti-Marsh’s footsteps in helping thousands of arthritis sufferers battle the condition to return their limbs to full working order whilst staying free of pain. They place a great emphasis on helping people to not only battle the disease but also in order to live healthy lives from which they can get joy from which vitalizes them with energy.

Arthritis literally means joint inflammation caused by tissue injury or disease. And while many people use the word to refer to all rheumatic disease, arthritis is a condition on its own. For sufferers of arthritis, attacks will come frequent during cold weather and most always, when it strikes, the sufferer wails in pain and becomes immobile until a temporary treatment is applied.

Arthritis help aids uk

It is undeniable that the Arthritis Association was influenced a great deal by the stories of Charles de Coti-Marsh whose teachings, to this day, have never been disproved. His methods of treating rheumatism are as poignant today as they were then despite the passage of time and the leaps forward in technology. In actual fact, scientists now are in agreement that his methods of treatment and teachings were sound and should therefore be followed up even further.

The UK alone has an estimated nine million arthritis sufferers as well as the efforts of the Arthritis Association to help teach about the disease have proven endlessly valuable as they have contributed to identify more than one hundred various kinds of arthritis of which rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis are the most common.

Anyone can help in the fight against arthritis and if you want to get to volunteer or get involved, then the Arthritis Association would welcome you.

Help can be as simple as promoting the partnership and the condition in your own area or even provide feedback about your own arthritis conditions. Telling others about arthritis, too, is a great and simple way you can help. The Arthritic Association News is a newsletter which is issued by the association and in it, you can submit your contributions in which will subsequently be read by others who’ll learn more about arthritis.

The Association can also help with receiving home treatment which includes being taught and guided about your condition whilst also benefiting from receiving natural supplements to help you recover. Such treatments are designed to ensure that the methods can be applied in your home and when used alongside being consulted by an associated practitioner, will result in exceptional results.

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