Arthritis In Aching Finger Joints No Swelling

We talked to someone known as an expert regarding this and it turns out the finger was not broken. It had calcium deposits on the joints… the early signs of arthritis.

In fact, as he checked her fingers it is found that each finger had pain to varying degrees. The most painful being the finger she had noticed as swollen and thought was broken.

Hearing this, I took careful notes to not only help my friend, but to also make this information available to our readers.

Arthritis in aching finger joints no swelling

Over time, we can get calcium buildup on the joints and it can cause swelling and painful joints. If left unbridled, this can then develop into arthritis.

The first is to conduct a ‘finger joint massage. ‘ Finger joint massage sounds simple. It works. Have a partner or friend grab each joint and rotate the finger slowly and gently in a circular pattern. Start with the finger joint closer to the knuckle, slightly pull outward from the hand and rotate the finger around for 120 seconds. Then do the next joint on the same finger, also for 120 seconds. Do every finger in succession, if only one finger is in pain. Do this entire procedure once per day.

You’ll find that with finger joint massage, it can be quite painful at first and 120 seconds will appear to be a long time. After a few days of this, from what I’ve seen, the pain will subside.

What happens when you’re on this, is that the massage is breaking down those calcium buildups on the joints and will eventually help the body to cleanse itself in the finger joint area. Pretty soon those fingers can go back to moving around without all that extreme pain.

Swelling of the Joint: When the joint pain continues for a very long time and the patient doesn’t reduce the stress on hands, then it can give rise to swelling of the joint. This way our body try to give out the signal to stop further utilization of the affected hand. This occurs when the underlying tissues are damaged by arthritis.

The second thing to do is get a good ‘joint’ formula at the health food store. Trader Joe’s has their own brand that is cheap and of high quality, they call it’ Joint Support. ‘ There’s many good joint formulas on the market, where they will have glucosamine, MSM., and chondroitan These work well, just remember to start slowly by adopting a pill or capsule once per day. If you experience a rash or other strange contraindications, it could be from the MSM, and if that happens, you ‘d have to have a formula with just the glucosamine and chondroitan.

This article isn’t meant to give medical advice, but practical experience from what I’ve seen. If you have a disease that will just not go away and/or becomes extremely painful, get proper attention and see your medical provider.

Aching little finger joint?
The first joint after the knuckle of my little finger is slightly swollen and aches when I flex it, or squeeze the joint. It's been like this for a few weeks. Any ideas? Can't be bothered to go to the doctor about it yet, it's not like it's about to fall off or anything. Though obviously I will if it gets any worse. Thanks for the answer :) No I didn't hit it on anything! At least not that I recall… I'll see what joint supplements are available at my local health shop

  • Did you hit it or something? If not a swollen finger along with pain can be caused by built up calcium deposits on the joint. If left unchecked it can cause arthritis. What you can do is message the area and take a good joint supplement and see if the swelling and pain doesn't subside, if it doesn't you really should get it checked out it could also be bursitis which is a inflammation caused by repetitive stress of the joints resting and applying ice is the best course of treatment for this and it usually gets better within a few weeks..along with taking anti-inflammatory medicine.

  • try some magnetic belts over it.You just have to move the magnet over your pain .