Arthritis In Back Natural Remedies

Back pain is a general type of pain that afflicts a majority of adults. It can either be chronic or acute. Injury to ligaments, muscles, tendons and bones due to excessive use or motion of the back causes acute back pain. Chronic back pain is reoccurring pain which usually happen without a particular reason, on the other hand. Pregnancy is another cause of backache. The changes in the body, which puts strain on the lower back, coupled with stress leads to back pain. Backache can likewise be caused by nutritional deficiencies and muscle tension.

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Natural remedies for back pain are a better option to regular pan relief drugs. Listed here are some easy to prepare remedies which items you would usually find in your home.

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Chamomile tea. Stress has an adverse effect on the body and it usually leaves your muscles tensed and strained. The chamomile tea will soothe the muscles and calm your mind. For good results drink up to 3 cups daily.

Epsom salts. Epsom salts reduce swelling like those relating to the back which cause backache. You can add it to your bath; add about 2 cups for a 30 minute soak.

Arthritis in back natural remedies

Rice. A cup of uncooked rice is filled into a clean and thick sock and warmed on medium to low heat in the microwave for 30-60 seconds. The sock is then applied to the rear for pain relief.

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Cold compresses. Ice packs or cold compresses are another natural remedy; it can be applicable to the affected area almost immediately. It numbs the pain and reduces inflammation. Simple place crushed ice cubes into plastic bags and then cover it with a material or towel. Apply the compress for 15 minutes then repeat after 30 minutes.

If you suffer an acute pain due to strain or injury, the lower back should be iced for the initial 48 hours. Apply ice packs to the region for 20 minutes at a time about every hour or two. This helps to reduce inflammation and numb the area for a brief period. Make sure you have gel packs or ice wrapped in a towel to use as a cold compress to prevent back spasms. After 48 hours, you can then switch to heat pads. These will increase circulation in your back muscles. Spending time in a hot tub or a hot bath for a period of at least 20 minutes will do wonders for relaxing all the muscles in your body.

Ginger root. Ginger has anti inflammation properties which helps relieve pain as well. Slice the ginger root into pieces of 1-2 inch and add this to a quart of boiling water. Simmer the water on low heat for another 30 minutes, keep the water covered. Strain the water after cooling it, add honey to taste and drink the water.

Milk. Milk is beneficial for your bones and women must include milk in their diet because it is an essential source of calcium. Calcium makes the bones stronger helping you prevent osteoporosis.

Hot compresses. You can also use a hot compress to relieve pain. It should be applied only 48 hours after an injury. The warmth from the compress relaxes muscles and increases blood flow. You can use a heating pad, washcloth dipped in hot water or simple take a shower or bath in warm water.

You might like to try biofreeze. This is a good product that can assist you to relieve pain from backaches, muscular sprains, joint pains, neck pain, arthritis, muscular strains, painful ankle, knee, hip & elbow joints.

If you suffer from chronic back pain then avoid lifting heavy objects and do not put too much strain on the lower back. It is always better to sit in a firm chair rather than a couch as the chair will give you good posture without hurting your back.

QUESTION: What natural remedies are good for arthritis?
I have inflamatory oesteo arthritis and it is very painful. Any suggestions for some natural remedies?

  • I'm not sure where you are from, but here in Canada they have an all natural medicine called "Lakota." It has been a best-seller for years and years here. I tried Glucosamine but it did nothing for myself, personally. Within 2 days of going on Lakota "Rheumatoid Formula" I was virtually pain-free, it was unbelievable. I stopped taking it the past few weeks to see if it really was the Lakota that was making a difference, and the pain has returned so I am going back out to purchase some more at the local drugstore. If you are a non-Canadian resident, I would still ask your local Pharmacist and check out their website. I know how terrible it is to have an auto-immune disease, especially on a bad flare-up day, and I wish you nothing but the best of luck and best of health.

  • Try glucosamine…. works for me.

  • Glucosamine Sulfate saved my life from arthritis I'm an ironworker and a musician and my hands were going fast Enziamatic therapy are the people that developed G S I thank god for it I traied glucosamine H C by mistake and it did me no good at all I don't think G S works for everyone but thank god it does work for me RJ