Arthritis In Hands Fingers

I got rid of my arthritis and arthritis pain forever by eating a natural living food diet. I found relief from my arthritis pain, naturally, and you’re gonna do it too.

Arthritis concentrates in one or more joints where deterioration occurs. To get the arthritis pain relief you are seeking it’s helpful to understand how arthritis works. The first step when looking for solutions to an arthritis pain problem is to understand how arthritis works.

The combination of the collagen network and high water content tightly bound by proteoglycans creates a resilient, slippery pad in the joint. This resists the compression between bones during muscle movement. Collagen is the main protein found in all connective tissues in the body, including the muscles, tendons, and ligaments. The ability to make repairs to cartilage becomes limited as cartilage cells age.

Arthritis in hands fingers

Most experts now believe that osteoarthritis results from a genetic susceptibility that causes a biological response to injuries to the joint. This leads to progressive deterioration of cartilage. Genetic factors are thought to participate in about 50% of osteoarthritis cases in the hands and hips and a somewhat lower proportion of cases in the knee. An inflammatory response causes cytokines, to gather in injured areas and cause inflammation and injury to body tissue and cells; it is known to have a role in rheumatoid arthritis and other muscle and joint problems associated with autoimmune diseases.

Try massaging your fingers or other affected joints with coconut oil twice a day. Some foods and beverages to avoid that are inflammatory are: caffeine, salt, sugar, meat, dairy products, additives, soft drinks, white flour, white rice, alcoholic beverages, fast food, processed vegetable oils, refined, packaged and processed food. Studies done on antioxidant vitamins question the usefulness of these supplements; it’s clearly better to consume these antioxidants in living foods as they may also need to work in collaboration with other nutrients present in the foods to work properly.

If you really trying to get rid of your arthritis pain forever it may take a fundamental change in your diet and an ongoing commitment. Make smoothies with fruit only using a basis of two bananas, adding a glass of frozen or fresh blueberries and mango chunks or substitute any other fruit and add an energy boost of two tablespoons of coconut oil; add one or two leaves of kale for another highly nutritional boost– no one will ever know. Making a ginger tea, by adding a thin slice or two of fresh ginger to hot water, is helpful to many people I know.

Try avoiding the eight most allergic foods, wheat being the most allergenic; they’re wheat, corn, egg, milk, fish, shellfish, peanuts, and some nuts, not all. One natural treatment method involves avoiding all inflammatory foods, that is, foods that aren’t alive.

I know quite a few individuals who’re drinking tart cherry juice to relieve their arthritis pain; but is needs to be the tart kind though. Some of the supplements commonly used for relieving arthritis pain, but I do not know if none of these work, are: glucosamine, chondroitin, bromelain, grapeseed extract, omega-3 and omega-6, cod liver oil, manganese ascorbate, MSM, boron, niacinamide, pantothenic acid, vitamin A, vitamin E., and vitamin C

To be on the safe side always seek your doctor’s advice before starting or changing your exercise program. A good exercise routine is the central to beating arthritis and relieving arthritis pain. If you have pain and swelling in your fingers, try squeezing Thera-putty made to this effect or exercising with two Chinese chime balls called Taiji balls. Even the lightest exercise can go a very long way to maintaining your joint mobility and overall health.

Your body has 147 different joints that are in motion every day of your life. Exercise your affected joints every day, to keep them flexible. Stretching and warming up the joints should always be the first phase of your exercise routine to make your joints more flexible, just be careful you do not do further damage-proceed slowly..

Be aware that the action of NSAIDs or Cox-2 inhibitors don’t halt the progression of osteoarthritis and may even hasten the onset.

Once you become more informed about arthritis you will be in a position to plan an arthritis treatment program, natural or conventional or a mixture of both. For conventional treatment of arthritis-if you do choose to take drugs or medications, be very careful and read the labels thoroughly.

Following these suggestions can help you go back to the swing of things fast and enable you to spend your days enjoying life once more. Arthritis pain relief is the final goal-understanding arthritis is a great way to get there. Begin your treatment program with a diet change, exercise and weight loss plan to see incredible results and fast pain relief.