Arthritis In Pinky Fingers

Do free hand exercises without weights and without the aid of fitness equipment. These hand exercises improve your grip strength, increase flexibility and help ease the symptoms of arthritis. The number of repetitions you should do is contingent on the exercise and your health. A person doing preventative exercises should do more repetitions than someone using free hand exercises to recover from an injury, for instance.

Grip Strength: Improve your grip strength using an old racquetball or tennis ball. While sitting or standing, grasp a ball in your hand. Use slow steady pressure and squeeze the ball as hard as you can. Then, hold the ball, using your maximum squeeze strength for three to five seconds. Slowly relax your hand to release the squeeze. After 30 seconds you can do this grip strength exercise again. Repeat up to 10 times.

Developing your hand strength is not as difficult as it sounds. This is the kind of aimed exercise that you can do regardless of your schedule. There’s no need to put aside fifteen or twenty minutes a day when you are not doing anything else. It’s the perfect exercise to perform in face of the television.

Your body can give you clear warning signs of when it is about to go wrong. Many diseases and serious conditions can be detected by changes in the nails. Flaky, split and ridged nails can be a sign of nutritional deficiencies and may show that you are not absorbing nutrients from your food. Splitting nails may denote a lack of essential fatty acids which help protect against heart disease and arthritis, while white patches often indicate a zinc deficiency. The colour …

Clench and Fan: Clench your fist and fan out your fingers for a free hand exercise without weight. Sit or stand and raise your arms out in front of you to shoulder height with your palms facing the floor. With both hands make tight fists with your thumb inside and count to two. Open your hand and fan out your fingers for a count of five to offer them a good stretch. Repeat five times.

Arthritis in pinky fingers

Thumb: Target your thumb for exercise. Sit or stand and hold one hand out before you at shoulder height with your elbow slightly bent. Bend your thumb to press against your little finger and hold for five seconds. Do this 10 times and repeat on your other hand. You can also do this exercise to target every finger. Follow the same directions but press your thumb to each finger on your hand.

Finger Walking: Place your right palm on a flat surface with your fingers gently spread apart to get into the starting position. Begin with the index finger and get up there to your middle, ring and pinky finger. Lift your finger off the surface and place it down as close to your right thumb as possible. Repeat with your left hand.

Finger Bending: This gentle finger bending exercise is good for arthritis sufferers. Sit or stand and raise your right hand to shoulder height by bending your elbow. Relax your hand and then bend your fingers at the middle and end joints, keeping your knuckles straight. Return to the starting position. Repeat on the left hand and do up to five pain-free repetitions if possible.