Arthritis Inflammation Triggers Criteria

Some of you’ll understand when I tell you only a few years ago, one morning I stumbled out of bed, I was in pain, I was nauseous from the medicine and I was angry. In fact I was very angry. I was taking these medicine that where suppose to work while in fact I was experiencing severe pain and I was also feeling sick from the arthritis drugs. It was at that moment I decided to look at alternatives and herbal treatment for arthritis was one of those alternatives.

There are many different causes of arthritis like trauma, previous injury, genetic, poor nutrition, obesity, and other factors. Although over-the-counter and prescription medication can help ease arthritis pain and inflammation, avoid foods that trigger arthritis symptoms can also help reduce the pain associated with arthritis.

A reasonable normal life was my goal, I wanted to be in a position to lift my grandchildren in my arms, I wanted to be in a position to go to work and help my wife with jobs around the house. When I looked on the net I realized that I wasn’t the only one was considering herbs in fact it was a really popular treatment, I found that herbs are often a very safe way to treat arthritis and can help in many ways to relief the symptoms. The only thing I couldn’t find was exactly which herbs I could use.

Arthritis Inflammation Triggers; There’s Even More……

Feverfew has been used for years as a herbal treatment for arthritis. This herb is well known for its anti-inflammatory effects which makes it so successful in the treatment.

Another great anti-inflammatory agent is the popular herb for treating arthritis called devil’s claw. It is also employed in the very popular natural arthritis pain relief medication from Native Remedies.

Black cohosh is an American Indian herb that has been used for arthritis. Black cohosh is very effective because it includes a form of aspirin this will reduce the swelling and inflammation.

It isn’t my personal favorite but some people also recommend the employment of red pepper as a herbal treatment for arthritis. It works by interfering the pain perception and it triggers the body to release endorphins.

The truth about using a herbal treatment for arthritis is that you’ll loose the horrible side impact of the conventional arthritis drugs. In most cases herbs will help you to take your life back. Personally I found that some herbal treatments work better than others and because I talked to a bunch of other arthritis patients I know that they have suffered from the same. In the end I feel much better with the herbs I use but I realize that you require to try it yourself and learn by trial and error what herbs will work for you.