Arthritis Of Shoulder Criteria

Injuries to the shoulder are a common result of such contact sports as football or ice hockey. The bones and muscles comprising the shoulder joints are constantly subjected to stresses during every game. It isn’t surprising, therefore, to hear a quarterback suffer a dislocated shoulder after being hit by a defender coming on full speed from his blindside; the same may be said of an ice hockey player getting struck (body checked) by an opponent trying to obtain possession of the puck from him.

But a dislocated shoulder may likewise be the result of other factors, such as anterior, more severe shoulder injuries. This is also true in the event of another shoulder condition-frozen shoulder-which can result from any painful condition affecting the shoulder, such as inflammation of the shoulder joints (arthritis), inflammation of a tendon of the shoulder (tendonitis), and inflammation of the bursa of the shoulder (bursitis).

In a dislocated shoulder, a bone in the shoulder is dislodged from its normal position at the joint. Usually, the condition arises from the tearing of the ligaments which hold the bone in place, caused either by an injury or a physical blow to the shoulder. Recurrent spontaneous shoulder dislocation may be the result of some previous shoulder injuries, on the other hand. Here, the mere act of expanding the arm, as when one puts on clothing, would seem to lead to a dislocated shoulder.

How Could You Know…

The condition is so termed because the inflammatory conditions that cause it bring about temporary inactivity of the shoulder joints, as for frozen shoulder. The failure of a person to move his shoulder joints can result to more stiffness. Consequently, a continuously accelerating increase in inactivity, stiffness and pain is set in motion, becoming increasingly difficult to break.

Frozen shoulder can be reversed despite its being a self-perpetuating and insidious condition with early and continuous treatment. Restoring and maintaining mobility in the shoulder joints is the main aim in the treatment of frozen shoulder. If the major problem is pain, the affected person may be given analgesics (examples, NSAIDs), or paracetamol. This should make it easier for the person to move his shoulder regularly. The doctor may also recommend physical therapy to assist in the treatment process. Note that if frozen shoulder is left untreated, it may give rise to permanent disability.

Frozen Shoulder: This condition is common among middle-aged people. It leads to pain during the motion of the shoulder. Performing frozen shoulder exercises under the supervision of a physical trainer is essential for easy motion of the shoulder and the hand.

Bursitis: Inflammation of the bursae of muscles in the shoulder or inflammation of the shoulder muscles leads to swelling and pain in the shoulder.

Surgery may be required, for a dislocated shoulder. Some people, however, consider the condition manageable, as they find it possible to place the dislocated shoulder back in its normal position by themselves or with help. Still, it is more desirable for a doctor to set a dislocated shoulder. The repositioning of the dislocated shoulder may have to be undertaken under an anaesthetic. For proper healing, the involved shoulder must be immobilized for a period of time, possibly with splints. In some serious cases of dislocated shoulder, there could be fractures on one or several bones, as well as injury to the surrounding blood vessels or nerves. In such cases, X-rays are commonly taken.

QUESTION: Can Chiropractors do anything for shoulder pain?
I went to an orthopedic surgeon and was told that I have arthritis in my shoulder. He recommended Arthroscopy, but I have heard stories about people's shoulder not being the same. I was not sure if Chiropractors can do anything for shoulder pain, or not. I would like to try an option before going thru any kind of surgery.

  • no they can not. they are not drs and you really should nt let anyone maipulate your spine. it was in the news recently that someone died 6 hours after going to the chiro. they burst a blood vessel in her neck

  • Chiropractors cannot cure arthritis.