Arthritis Psoriasis Kim Kardashian

Psoriasis is the more common autoimmune skin condition in the world according to experts. And despite its prevalence, it still remains a a big mystery to the world. Psoriasis is a skin condition mainly characterized by red patches on the skin and silvery scales. There is no known cure for it yet. However, there are treatments today that aim to improve the aspect of the skin. Psoriasis can be a debilitating condition, but greater than the physical struggles, many patients tell you that the misconceptions of people about their skin condition is more hurtful. With this, let me share to you part of the top psoriasis myths. Here are some of them.

Psoriasis plaques and lesions can crack and bleed. Many people assume that it is something they can catch if they go near the person because of this. For the record, psoriasis isn’t a skin infection and you cannot catch it from another person.

Although, most skin conditions are exacerbated by poor personal hygiene, psoriasis is caused by the immune system. It is a disease of the immune system. People with psoriasis have a genetic tendency to acquire the condition then, it’s definitely not caused by poor hygiene.

While there is no permanent cure for this condition yet, there are several ways to relieve its symptoms. However, there is no ‘one treatment fits all’ approach to psoriasis. What works for one person may not work for another. Treatments for psoriasis may include topical creams, oral prescriptions and UV or light therapy.

These myths and misconceptions about their skin condition make their lifelong stuggle more difficult, for people suffering from psoriasis. So it is really important to know these things to avoid making them feel worse.

What do I do about my sick friend?
My friend and I both have the same autoimmune disease which causes arthritis and lots of other annoying symptoms. We're both in our 20s, so it's nice to have someone who gets it. She and I have many of the same symptoms so know what it's like. But ALL THE TIME she puts it on and wants everyone to know she's so sick. She makes up symptoms that she doesn't have, but has read about online. I told her my liver was playing up and she replied "oh my liver and kidneys are playing up". However she has NEVER mentioned this before. I told her I had just been diagnosed with Psoriasis on my scalp and nails. She said "oh I have Psoriatic nails too". I recall having a conversation with her about 4-5 months ago about Kim Kardashian's Psoriasis and she said nothing about it then. She makes herself sound sicker than she is and like she's on all these crazy medications, when we're on exactly the same. What do I do? I like being her friend because it's someone who understands, but she's doing my head in!

  • She has a bit of a physiological problem, so when she talks like that could you think "you poor thing, to need to lie like that" and then maybe you could give her some general sympathy based on her needs rather than thinking about the lies (no need to tell her whats in your head, or to lie, just "its awful isn't it" or something similar). Part of a really good friendship is recognizing each others faults and needs, and embracing them. Hopefully she will get over it, maybe you could follow up by saying something about some bad symptom she does actually have, that is worse. But this might not help I don't know. Also I suggest you work out how much of your time with her is spent discussing symptoms? Good Luck.