Arthritis Relief Hands Unravelled

Massage therapies for arthritis have been practised some thousands years old, but are still considered to be among the most effective treatment for arthritis.

Arthritis is something of a rheumatic disease that can cause pain, stiffness and swelling in the joints. Sometimes, the disease may create complications and affect other regions of the body like muscles and internal organs.

However, if administered properly, massage therapies for arthritis can effectively help improve joint movement and relax tense muscles. They also stimulate the flow of blood and nutrients to the skin and its underlying tissues. Let me give you an insight into how the massage therapies for arthritis work.

Arthritis Relief Hands – Continued

Massage therapies for arthritis involve manipulation of tendons, muscles, and other soft tissues through rubbing, stroke, or exert pressure on the flesh with your hands. Massaging of muscles, tendons and soft tissues around the inflamed joint result in increased blood flow to and from the diseased joint. It also helps in enhanced lymphatic drainage around the treatment area.

Hand arthritis can also occur as the outcome of disease such as rheumatic arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease which affects the whole body, so it is very likely that other joints will likewise be affected, and other symptoms, such as fever, general, and fatigue stiffness, may also be experienced.

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Normally, the therapist prompts you to remove some or all of your clothing and lie on a cushioned table with your body covered with a sheet or towel. The therapist uncovers only that a portion of your body. This would need to be massaged. The therapist then pours an oil or lotion on your skin and begins the massage therapy. You should inform your therapist if you’ve got any skin allergies, before he uses any oil. During the therapy if you think that you’re experiencing pain, ask the therapist to slow down. Rough rubbing and stroking aren’t recommended in massage therapies for arthritis.

Massage therapies for arthritis usually last from sixty to ninety minutes. However, undergoing just one session of therapy may give relief from pain on a short-term basis. In order to feel some real improvements, I personally recommend four to six sessions of massage therapy for arthritis each of which ought to be about a week apart.

At first, the massage therapist asks questions about your current physical condition, medical history and what needs to be your expectations from the treatment. The therapist decides on the right treatment you require based on these.

Normally, massage therapies for arthritis may cost somewhere between $30 and $125 per hour depending on medical history, your physical condition, and the intensity of pain. However, some insurance companies cover the cost of the alternative treatments, but then, you must get it prescribed by a doctor.

The massage therapist may show you some techniques for massage. These you may use on yourself at home. However, some massage therapies for arthritis when performed by the patient himself, aren’t as effective and relaxing. You should self-massage yourself only on those spots on your body where your hands can reach. You do need a partner to assist you out, for hard-to-reach places. Always consult your therapist if you’re trying out something new in your self-massage routine.

Overall, massage therapies for arthritis give excellent results in most of the cases. They break the cycle of pain and stress that comes along with arthritis. Lastly, the relaxation they bring about is just great.

FAQ’s: Need some tips for Arthritis pain relief?
I know somebody who has Arthritis in her hands. Unfortunately she cannot take Anti-inflammatorys due to other medication. Does anybody have any tips for pain relief?

  • One of the safest arthritis treatments is acupuncture. It has been used since ancient times to relieve joint pain. You can either use acupuncture as the main treatment or complement your existing treatment.

  • Take calcium tablets, injection from GP & tell not to strain herself(carry heavy stuff) but to go Hospital get a Professional consultation. Suggestion made. Do as u deem fit.

  • I can't take anti-inflammatories because of stomach ulcers and I have bad arthritis in my hands. I can't grip things like I used to but thank goodness I can still type. When my hands are really painful I use wheat bags. Chemists should stock them and you can get them at markets and online. You heat them up in the microwave for 2 minutes and they stay warm for a long time. The lovely thing about them is they mould to where you need it. Not like a hot water bottle which is stiff . The other thing is if heat isn't the answer then as long as you put it in a plastic bag you can put it in the freezer for 20 minutes and it's like using a bag of frozen peas. The bags can be used time and again. I have arthritis all over and the pain really gets to me some days. I have 6 wheat bags and wouldn't be without them. There are topical creams you can get either from the GP or chemists as well especially for pain like this. That could be another avenue to try. Personally I prefer the wheat bags as they are non intrusive with the body. Hope this is of help and your friends gets some relief.