Arthritis Rheumatoid Or Osteo

The term arthritis doesn’t refer to just one disease, but to a group of over 100 different forms of a disease, and in other words it is a sort of umbrella term which serves to refer to these medical conditions that affect the musculoskeletal system, specifically those joints where two or bones meet.

Osteo arthritis is a degenerative disease that causes the cartilage in joints to shrink or completely disappear. It is often labelled the wear and tear disease and is typically considered an age related problem. However, some forms of osteo arthritis are caused by an injury or damage to the common and arthritis thus arthritis cures are being sought by patients of all ages. As the disease progresses, the associated pain increases and mobility in the affected joint becomes more limited.

OA gets worse as the cartilage breaks down further bringing more and more bony surfaces into the rubbing process. The cause of Rheumatoid arthritis is miscalculation of body’s natural defense system. This gives raise the joint lining to swell and pain. It also spreads to the surrounding tissues. Uric acid deposition in the common spaces causes inflammation and pain in the joint.

Arthritis rheumatoid or osteo

While there could be over one hundred the various types of arthritis and those are just the ones known and recognized at this time, there are 3 particularly that are especially important and common: rheumatoid arthritis, gouty arthritis, and osteo arthritis.

Osteo arthritis is essentially recognized as being the commonest form of arthritis of all. It is a result of the breakdown of cartilage in the body. Over time the cartilage may finish up wearing away completely, and though osteo arthritis is a form of arthritis it is in a position to affect just about any joint of the fund, it most frequently affects the hips, knees, backbone, and hands.

Although osteo arthritis is considered as being a non-inflammatory arthritis, meaning that it doesn’t cause inflammation of the joints and muscles as most other forms of arthritis do, this is actually not true, and even if there is usually no swelling during the earlier phases of the disease, as it progresses there can be inflammation, and in fact is in most all cases.

There are two major forms of arthritis and several other less prevalent forms, as well. The two most common types of arthritis are osteo and rheumatoid. Each tends to present with its own brand of arthritis symptom possibilities along with several they share in common. Let’s look at both types and the typical symptoms that go along with them.

Before any technique of treatment can be prescribed, a correct diagnosis must be made. Building the proper diagnosis is important, because treatment is available but only once this has been accomplished. This is the reason that as quickly as you notice none of the signs or proof of the illness, or any sort of arthritis in fact, that you seek medical help right away.

In terms of treatment for osteo arthritis, your doctor will usually start off with something milder, such as Tylenol or Aspirin and tell you to try that for a few weeks. If there are no indications of improvement or relief of your pain, then they’ll turn to something more powerful, such as arthritis creams and gels. These are applied locally, directly onto the skin and most are usually available over-the-counter.

Ultimately there are lots more major systems of treatment, namely arthritis medicine that you could be prescribed, particularly if your symptoms are causing you significant discomfort. Codeine preparations are the most commonly commended here. This is a combo of codeine and acetaminophen.