Arthritis Shoulder Blades?

Pain between shoulder blades can be assigned to many causes and may or may not signal a back problem. Many people have a warning signal within their body which lets them know that they’re about to be ill with something, for example. The something might be a bad cold, a case of flu, or a badly upset stomach. But prior to the start of the health problem, they start experiencing pain in some portion of their body. Often it is a headache but for some it is pain between shoulder blades. The pain will usually manifest early enough that they’re able to guard off the oncoming condition.

Pain in the middle back can likewise be related to stress. All of us are exposed to stressful experiences at some time another and for some it is virtually a chronic condition. Body aches and pains often accompany stress. These can include migraines, simple headaches or stomach aches. But for some, stress results in pain between shoulder blades. However, stress related pain is easily identified as it always accompanies the stressful situation. And it disappears along with the stressor. But since stressed muscles are more vulnerable to injury, people with this problem should actively seek out coping methods such as deep breathing techniques, yoga, etc.


Pain between shoulder blades is also linked to the other illnesses that aren’t back related. However, this type of pain usually originates somewhere else in the body and spreads to the shoulder blades. Gall bladder problems often cause pain between shoulder blades but the pain usually begins in the upper abdomen and then spreads upward to the shoulder blades.

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The neck pain that is caused by arthritis or disc disease may also spread down between the shoulder blades. Although this is rare, angina pectoris can be encountered in the shoulder blades but it begins in the chest. Pain in the mid back can also be a sign of some cancer. It is an early warning sign of liver cancer but occurs later in the development of esophageal cancer.

Women need to be particularly vigilant about pain between shoulder blades as this is a sign of potential heart attack in a woman. Whereas men experience crushing chest pain, women usually feel the pain in their back or between their shoulder blades.

Osteoarthritis is another condition that causes pain between shoulder blades. However, osteoarthritis normally begins in the neck and then radiates to the region between the shoulder blades. There are definite back problems that do cause pain between shoulder blades. A very common one is cervical herniated disc. The symptoms also include muscle pain in the neck. However, in the case of cervical herniated disc, the pain between shoulder blades is chronic.

Pain between the shoulder blades may likewise be an occupational problem. People who sit for many hours working at computers often experience this. If this is the reason, the pain can be relieved by ensuring proper posture while sitting and taking short breaks.

We can also use pain anti-inflammatory medication, the pain in shoulder is constant reminder that the shoulder joints are injured which would cause sharp pains that would be intolerable for the person. Stretching exercises is also one way to cure the pain, these strengthen the muscles around the joints and relieve pains associated with many conditions. Cortisone injection is a powerful medication that treats inflammation. This is common for people with shoulder pain.

In addition, the cure for shoulder pains depends with the reason for the problem. Therefore, it is desirable to understand cause and symptoms before trying out on a treatment program. If uncertain about the results you should seek medical advice before beginning any treatments or cure that you think might work. Still the better way to be fit is to prevent too much weight, balance diet, exercise that best fit your shoulders state and to get a doctor to check you up if the pain in shoulder would be too much.

However, because of the numerous problems associated with this mid-back pain, people who routinely experience this should have their symptoms assessed by a knowledgeable health professional.