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One of the major groups supporting arthritis patients in the U.S. is the American Arthritis Society. Their goal is to assist patients in managing the symptoms and consequences of their disease. Recognized as a non-profit organization of the IRS, the group contributes so much in the society primarily by funding researches, establishing an arthritis support community, and providing relevant information to patients.

The group focuses on the helping patients with osteoarthritis, of all the various types of arthritis. Osteoarthritis is a form of arthritis caused by obesity, strenuous sports, old age, and similar extraneous physical activities. The advocacy of the AAS is to setup funds for use with osteoarthritis research. The group wants to obtain accurate information and positive developments about the disease to provide patients with. Patients will be in a position to do the necessary things to make their condition a lot better by amassing only accurate information. The group is also looking to help develop new medicines in the interests of everybody with arthritis. They are also into creating a community of arthritis patients so each one of them can find comfort and solace from other people suffering compared to the same condition.

HAVEN, Wis. — Bob Murphy won the Canadian Open in 1986 without playing a single hole of practice beforehand. Instead, he spent all his time in the whirlpool and steam room, popping ibuprofen and wondering what part of his body would hurt when he awoke the next day. Murphy, then 43, did not know it at the time, but he had psoriatic arthritis, the potentially debilitating immune disorder that Phil Mickelson has. That was Mickelson’s problem. On June 13, four days …

The choice of the American Arthritis Society to put their focus on osteoarthritis is affected by the fact that it’s the most common type of arthritis experienced by Americans, as well as by patients from the remainder of the world. But even though the incidence of the disease is very common, studies had demonstrated that this disease can possibly be avoided. The major cause of osteoarthritis is old age. Even so, older individuals have the capacity to evade the disease if armed with the right knowledge.

Arthritis symptoms mayo clinic

All evidence points to one thing: glucosamine is effective in treating canine arthritis. It is most effective, however, if you use it to prevent arthritis. This means your dog has to use it before he even develops the disease. In some studies done by the Mayo Clinic, they have shown that glucosamine treatment significantly reduces pain and inflammation caused by canine arthritis. Glucosamine also inhibits certin enzymes responsible for the degradation of cartilages. Further, the substance has the capacity to enhance cell activity to regenerate cartilage.

Preventing arthritis in dogs is easier than most pet owners think. Today, not all old dogs have to experience the discomfort of arthritis. Giving your dog a regular dose of glucosamine could save him the pain. Most veterinarians recommend glucosamine supplements once they reach their middle years. Some dogs are even made to take them earlier because of certain genetic factors. If your dog has any injuries that might have possible damaged his joints, leading to stiffness, it s best to treat him with glucosamine as well.

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  • Mayo Clinic (see also the specific forms of arthritis – osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, etc) Arthritis Foundation Johns Hopkins NIAMS Hardin MD


  • Keep in mind that glucosamine for dogs aren’t a pain killer. It is likewise by no means a quick way to alleviate the symptoms. Rather, it prevents the disease from happening by keeping the glucosamine levels healthy. This effectively hinders the degradation process. This form of treatment causes significantly less than if your dog were treated later in life with invasive treatments. For dogs that already have arthritis, administer glucosamine four weeks before any visible signs of arthritis to help your dog get better.

    The AAS keeps an online portal where they mostly put all the relevant information about arthritis, more specifically the recently discovered ones. Part of their job is to collate guidelines and tips straight from the researchers and health experts all over the continent. They especially write the information they obtain in a very intelligible manner so that everybody can comprehend it well. The American Arthritis Association is also associated the World Arthrosis Organization.

    The group keeps an official newsletter called the Arthritis Info. Inside the newsletter, all the recent discoveries and new information about arthritis are listed and they’re backed by scientific evidences, no less. The data included in the newsletter come from institutions such as Yale, the Mayo Clinic, Harvard, and from the leading osteoarthritis doctors of the world. The organization also makes it a point to write their newsletter in a clear and concise manner to be fully understood by the simple people who’re going to read it.

    Anybody who wishes to be a part of the American Arthritis Society would just have to complete the necessary forms and wait for their request to be granted. Membership is open to everyone, most especially arthritis patients. However, all people who ‘d like to help and contribute to provide a higher quality of life to arthritis patients are also encouraged to join.