Arthritis Today 1 Year

Common arthritis myths have the potential to do harm to those actually living with this trying disease.

Arthritis is a compilation of over 100 different diseases all with varying symptoms and when common arthritis myths and misconceptions abound; it often makes it hard for those suffering with this disease to obtain the attention and even understanding, particularly from their family and friends that they really need while dealing with this lifestyle challenging disease.

The Arthritis Foundation for many years has been warning the population that arthritis is an incurable disease and only by using what they recommend can symptoms be suppressed. They tell the population that the disease is always there ready to flare up at any time. To make you feel even worse if you’ve got it the Arthritis Foundation tells us the the disease will be epidemic in the future unless proper funding actions are taken now to limit its impact.

Arthritis today 1 year

One of the most common arthritis myths is that arthritis is a disease that only affects the elderly.

Only older people get arthritis? This is an absolutely, positively incorrect. Arthritis affects those of all ages including the very young, the very old and all ages in between.

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So basically it is something that we all have to get to live with and something that we all can expect to deal with at some time in our lives. Again, this is a common arthritis myth. Don’t buy into it.

When you take the combination of all arthritis and rheumatic diseases those conditions make up the more common chronic health problem in the United States today.

The different types of arthritis also have varying prognosis and treatment plans. All arthritis diagnoses are most surely not the same.

Some arthritis is a direct consequence of trauma to the common with arthritis developing in the subsequent years after the initial injury. Some arthritis is believed to be genetic.

Common arthritis myths still abound but you must seize the time to dispel the myths from the truth if you’re going to obtain the best arthritis care around.

QUESTION: When will my rheumatoid arthritis be severe?
I'm 16 and I've been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Factor Positive Arthritis. I've also been diagnosed with Hypermobility Syndrome. (total oposite of arthritis) The doctors said the reason why im still so flexible even though i have arthritis is because the arthritis hasnt stayed in one place for a long enough time to do damage in my joint. 1 year ago I had huge amounts of pain on my shoulder and hands. My nuckles would flare up and show redness, I had trouble moving them. For 2 years now I've been having pain on my heels which couses me to walk…weird.. but as the day goes by it gets better. Today I no longer have any pain in my hands but only one knuckle is swollen (fluid and inflamation inside) but it doesnt hurt. I will be starting medication by injection with Methotrexate. My question is will my arthritis ever go away?… Around what age will my arthritis start to affect most of my body and mobility? Will I be able to have kids? Does stress or depression worsen Arthritis? Are there any Do's and Dont's with Arthritis? Could you give me any tips on how to live with this?… Thank You.

  • There are no ABSOLUTE answers to your questions…sorry. It is as individual as the person who has it. Not even your doctors can accurately tell you. HOWEVER it is a disease of a 'lifetime.' So for the most part you will have to learn 'pain management' with medications AND with perhaps physical therapy that shows you WAYS to make your pain 'more managable.' The number one advice I can give you is KEEP ACTIVE even 'with the pain' and take your medications regularly. You will probably find that the meds you are given work for a WHILE then don't work so good anymore because of immunity. This makes learning the physical therapy part of it ALL the more important. Also check out HOLISTIC REMEDIES that have been used for ages and that TRULY HELP at least some people! Don't shut the door to your life because of this diagnosis. My grandmother had EIGHT children and had crooked knees, toes, fingers and deformed 'body parts' as early as 50 years old (pretty early for MOST arthritis) and she lived until the ripe old age of eighty, raised a disabled aunt ( who was like a 80 pound baby), made a garden that would feed half the community, raised her own eggs, chickens, ducks etc…and CUT HER OWN WOOD until in her 70's my uncles 'took her AX away!' If you had been able to ASK HER, I am SURE she would say you can DO WHATEVER you set your mind to do!!! Grandmother 'did fine' until she lost TWO of her children within two months time. THE HORRIBLE STRESS of 'this tragedy' is what ALMOST 'did her in' and made her unable to WALK for a while, BUT she came out of THAT EVEN after a short while. SO YES………stress affects arthritis. The DO'S and DON'TS mainly must be told to you by your doctors according to the TYPE of arthritis you have. Sometimes you MAY be told to 'go bedrest' for a while, sometimes heat pads and sometimes COLD packs…it all depends and may change from one symptom to another. THE TRICK IS……….NEVER STOP LIVING your life for it. Don't let it STOP you or put you down. IT SUCKS that someone so young would have such a diagnosis, BUT as one ages ALL of your friends will have 'their own' because NONE OF US, get out of this world ALIVE! Everyone develops their own 'cross to bear' at SOME TIME in their life. Yours is just coming a bit sooner than the majority! Blessings to You and go DANCING! Bunny7

  • I can answer some of your questions but not all. The reason is that my friend has has it. I think she has times when it does go away, but never gone completely. She has two girls. At times of stress she is bothered by it. She takes the same medication you will be taking. The cold weather bothers her. She works and takes a day off now and then when she has pain. She says it helps to keep moving. She does have trouble with her hands as you do. That's about what I know. Good luck.