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Almost one in three adults within the United States alone currently suffers from chronic joint symptoms, also referred to as arthritis. Arthritis affects over twenty-one million American each year and this figure continues to grow. Arthritis isn’t just one disease, in fact, it’s so complex that it holds more than one hundred different types of conditions that are all very different from each other but affects people from all walks of life, at any stage and age. For them the treatment of arthritis symptoms and anxiety are very much essential.

For back pain, use moist heat, like a wet cloth around a hot water bottle. This increases circulation to the painful area and relaxes the spasm that caused the pain.

There are a series of different ways that can treat your arthritis back pain naturally: vitamins, herbs, nutrition, and minerals. The Vitamins supplements of arthritis cure are Vitamin E and Vitamin C mainly. And the minerals that are excellent to keep the arthritis down are Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc and Boron.

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Vitamin E works as the anti inflammatory for the arthritis pain. The medical study shows that arthritis suffers should take this vitamin supplements at about 400 IU daily. Vitamin C is prescribed for 250-500mg twice a week. It is advisable to take the Zinc of about 3 mg twice daily for twice daily. For strengthening the bones intake of 600mg of Calcium daily plays an enormous part along with 250mg of Magnesium and to relaxing the muscles.

QUESTION: Can anyone suggest an alternative, naturopathic, or holistic approach to healing arthritis?
I was diagnosed with arthritis yesterday and cannot see myself taking pain pills for the rest of my life.I hate feeling out of control, sleepy, and sedated from the pain medications and muscle relaxers. I am also concered that I will end up with a toxic liver from the tylenol in the pain medications. So I am looking for an all natural, holistic, or alternative method of relieving arthritis pain please. I forgot to mention that I am totally Vegan due to digestive problems and food allergies so please due not recommend anything non-Vegan like Codliver oil, fish oil, Omega 3 Fatty Acids or to eat more fish. Thanks a million!

  • Try flaxseed oil….it has omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9, vitamins A, C, E, B2, B6, pantothenic Acid, B12, biotin and minerals Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, and Zinc. My mother suffers from arthritis and the pain in her hip vanishes in around 20 minutes after taking the flaxseed oil. Product on second link below: Flaxseed oil: Wagner flaxseed oil:

  • I am sure I will get blasted for saying this like I normally do, but I would suggest fasting. I have fasted several times from a week to two weeks, and once for 37 days, the length of the fast really depends on your amount of fat reserves you have stored up. Since I am the first one to post I am sure there will be plenty of people saying I am suggesting you starve yourself, but seriously do your own research, The way our western diets are, with all the toxins we take in even if you attempt to eat right, the pancreas never has an oppertunity to do its other job of detoxing the body when it is constantly overburdened by secreting digestive enzymes so the toxins are stored in our fat reserves, and in our joints until they can be dealt with later. Our physiology is still based on a hunter gather lifestyle. For my long fast I went to a center in Southern Thailand, while there I seen some amazing things, I know our FDA says that only a drug can cure, well that is simply ridiculous, I have made friends who have cured Diabetes, Arthritis, people whose tumors have completely vanished, for all the nurses that will come on and tell you they know about fasting, I ask they cite one study they have read, there is simply no research done on the subject mainly for the reason that groups that normally fund such studies, like your pharmaceutical companies for instance have absolutely nothing to gain by proving that it works. I hope you consider it, If you would like to know more you can message me with yahoo messenger my screen name is buddahcall, good luck with whatever you decide.

  • No good evidence of efficacy for anything in alt med. Perhaps physical therapy is an option you can explore. Keep in mind that herbal remedies can also induce hepatotoxicity.