Best Food For Knee Joints

How often have you complained of knee pain in the latest times? How many people, you know have complained of knee pain? When I ask these questions, mind you, I am not turning to the elderly people alone. From these questions, I would like to draw to you, one of the greatest problems facing people, in most, all age groups. Weak knee joints is the problem, I am talking about. There are various reasons for depreciation of the knee joints. If the knee joint is damaged, then carrying out day-to-day activities can become very troublesome. Therefore, each one of us must know the tricks to increase the knee joints. The cognition of which will enable us to keep the knee joint in its optimum health. There is a three way action plan involved to help strengthen the knee joints. It includes, the knee strengthening exercises, diet for healthy knees and tips to prevent depreciation of the knee joint. Each of them is equally important, if not more important than the other.

There is irony involved, when one talks about the knee joints. It is one of the jungle as well as the weakest joint at the same time. Knee problems can arise out of sports injuries, accident injuries, or due to daily wear and tear. In other words, it is important to take care of the knee joint right from the very beginning.

To broaden the discussion.

Injuries in the cartilage-Yet another reason behind knee pain is injury to the knee cartilage. While arthritis may be generalized as knee pain for the old, and ligament injury may show itself as knee pain to athletes, cartilage injury does not really take place in a particular age or demographic. Cartilage tears can occur to both old and young alike. And also because they can happen to just about anybody, they are considered a very common reason behind knee pain.

It is important that you get your required dose of calcium from your daily diet. Including foods like milk, cheese, yogurt, leafy vegetables, vegetables like broccoli, etc., and foods rich in calcium is necessary. Vitamin D is equally important for strong bones along with calcium. You may choose to go for a ride in the morning which will provide the body daily dose of vitamin D from the sunrays. Vitamin C should also be consumed in sufficient quantities, as it helps to fix the joints and the connective tissue. Fruits like oranges, lime, grapefruits, pineapples are a major source of vitamin C. The other vitamin, that has a part to play in keeping the bones strong is vitamin E. The work of the enzymes, which cause the cartilage in the joints to break, is hindered by vitamin E. It is seen, that people who consume alcohol are susceptible to weak bones. Hence, it is best to keep alcohol consumption as low as possible. Similarly, it is best to get away from the other vice namely smoking, as it also causes weakening of the joints.

The next part of the response to question,’ How to strengthen the knee joints? ‘, Is something, which most people conveniently skip out on. The knee exercises prevent injuries. They also assist in the healing process. The exercises for knee strength should include exercises to increase the quadriceps and the hamstrings. These muscles protect the knee from injury and overuse.

This exercise helps to increase the hamstrings as well as the quadriceps. An additional benefit of this exercise is that it works the gluteal muscles as well. To do this exercise, stand about one foot long way from the wall. There should be hip width distance between your feet. Press your back against the wall. Now gradually lower yourself, till your thighs are parallel to the floor. When you lower your torso, make sure that your knees don’t go beyond your legs. Contract the gluteal muscles, when you lower yourself. Hold the position for a count of 5 and go back to the starting position and repeat the exercise.

The quadriceps muscles are strengthened with this exercise. Sit on the side of a chair with one foot placed on the floor and the other extended out straight. Gradually, lift the extended leg as much as you can and keep the position for a count of 5. Slowly lower the leg and repeat the exercise 10 times, before you switch legs. This exercise can also be practiced by lifting both the legs together at the same time.

This exercise can be made, either by sitting or lying down on the floor. Sit on the floor and extend both the legs out straight. Take a towel and loop its one end around the ball of the right leg. Slowly, using the towel to pull, lift the leg off the floor till it is at an angle of approximately 60 degrees. Hold the position and then slowly lower the leg and repeat the exercise with the other leg.

Haven’t we heard, since our childhood that ‘prevention is better than cure ‘? Here are some simple measures which will help ensure that undue stress isn’t included on the knee joint.

Often people don’t warm up and stretch before their exercise regime. This causes a lot of emphasis on the knee joint. Similarly, cool down and stretching after exercise is likewise important.

While working out, it isn’t recommended that you vary the intensity all of a sudden. Increase and decrease the intensity gradually to avoid straining the knee joint.

It is important that right posture and techniques are used during the workout. If you’re new to exercise, then it is best to get a trainer to ensure you get the right form.

It is usually observed that people don’t wear the right sort of shoes for physical activities. It is important to invest in the right place for better life of the knee joint.

Women should avoid wearing a lot of heels, as along with the spine, it also puts a lot of strain on the knee joint.

Obesity is one of the major causes of knee problems. Hence, maintaining the right height weight ratio is important for keeping the knees healthy.

If you notice any sort of problems with the knee joint, it is best not to overlook the condition and consult a health care professional immediately. With this write up, I hope you have found an answer to your question,’ How to strengthen the knee joints? ‘ Last but not the least, remember it is just and only you, who can take care of the knee joint.