Copper For Arthritis Pain

You may be surprised to know that copper bracelets for arthritis have been utilized for centuries in an effort to relieve joint discomfort and pain. Some say this practice goes back to the time of the early Greeks who used copper to relieve aches and pains. There is actually some truth to the view that copper may play a small part in the pain relief associated with arthritis.

Some animal research has shown that taking copper supplements by mouth may reduce the progress of joint and tissue damage in arthritis sufferers. Naturally, some enterprising marketers have taken this premise one step further by marketing copper bracelets for arthritis treatment. Unfortunately, the use of copper bracelets for arthritis has not held up under close scientific scrutiny. Only one study conducted in the 1970s showed that copper bracelets were more efficacious than placebo at relieving arthritis pain.

Even if a copper bracelet for arthritis will not cure or even reduce arthritis symptoms, is there any danger to wearing one if you’ve got arthritis? The only real concern would be if have an allergy to copper metal which isn’t a particularly common. In this case you would most certainly wish to avoid this metal. Before placing a copper bracelet against your skin you would want to ensure it’s 100% copper and contains no lead which could be absorbed into the body with negative consequences.

Not surprisingly, there are groups of those who claim that a copper bracelet for arthritis has reduced their symptoms and even cured the disease. Is this the magic power of suggestion at work or is there some truth to the healing power of copper that we still have to discover? Studies conducted on the impact of the copper on arthritis have been rather limited and there’s some evidence that copper has both an antioxidant effect as well as a pro-oxidant effect based on the levels in the body. If it does exhibit antioxidant properties, so here’s the possibility it could get a limited, positive effect on arthritis symptoms, although there are a number of foods that have a higher antioxidant potential without the negative pro-oxidant effect.

Copper Accessories: The most popular accessory that is made out of copper that is considered a great way to treat arthritis is the copper bracelet. Whether this is effective or not is still a matter of debate between many people. An Australian study discovered that using bracelets that are made of copper can be an effective remedy for arthritis and pains that came with it but only when one is also taking aspirin to ease the pain. There are substances in copper that can be absorbed by the skin, so it can likewise be effective. If you think it’s worth a shot, you can purchase these bracelets at numerous online shops.

If you enjoy the appearance of a copper bracelet on your risk and you do not have a copper metal allergy, there’s probably no harm in wearing one if you’ve got arthritis, but do not count on a curative or a dramatic reduction in symptoms. Better hang on to the more conventional treatments for now.

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What can cure Arthritis?

  • Some people find wearing a copper bracelet works. The copper comes off on your skin (turns it green) and is absorbed at a regular rate.

  • One a warm dry climate almost always helps. I have an oil I make that will greatly relieve and reduce the effects of arthritis and the pain of it. The oil base is olive oil and I infuse about 7 different herbs in the oil for two weeks in a sunny window. It can also be steeped on a burner at very low heat but best if done over a candle, such as an oil incense burner, so the herbs won't get too hot and loose some of the healing properties, but sun infusion is the best method. If this is of interest to you let me know and I can send you the herb list and amounts used, and a good place to order the herbs at a good price, I order them by bulk. I created this remedy after much research, and I use it for everything from rashes to sprains and muscle stains, and arthritis, with excellent results. They are all culinary herbs except one, lavender flowers. I myself suffer from lower back arthritis and this helps me. I once had arthritis beginning in my hands and this oil cured it. Also increase your Vitamin C levels to about 2500 to 3000mg twice a day and see if that does not help. It helps me. Vitamin on of Natures fail safe cure all's. Here's hoping you can keep arthritis at bay, Slainte Mhath!