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Arthritis is a condition that isn’t at all partial in sex, age, or breed. It has been observed in canines of all breeds as well as any sex. It is; however, most often observed in the affairs of older dogs. This is due to a wide variety of reasons. The first and the foremost reason for this observation is because dogs who’re older go through a greater amount of degeneracy in bones due to their increasing age. Age also affects the normal physical work of the dog. As a result the dog becomes lethargic and doesn’t move about much. There may be a chance of swelling in the bones and joints of the dog due to these reasons. Arthritis may develop over prolonged periods and cause a great deal of discomfort to your pet.

Back pain – the words alone don’t seem enough to describe what we go through. I have been a sufferer for the past four years and, as it no doubt is for thousands with the same problems, life has been at times a living hell. I remember days last summer, lying flat on my back with my children playing happily downstairs, wondering if I would ever lead a normal life with them again. I couldn’t eat, or sleep. And despite injections …

FAQ’s: what is treatment for arthritis?
I have fluid in my knees, hips and elbows. The fluid comes and goes threw out the day. My doctor was talking about pain management since im allergic to NSAIDs. Is that the right decision?? What should I do?! they mentioned degenerative arthritis…I get in so much pain that i cant walk….it actually got so bad and iv had it for so long that i got suicidal.

  • Usually NSAIDs are used to slow inflammation and pain, so they definitely help with arthritis, but if you can't take them it's not the end of the world. The main treatment for RA are disease modifying drugs. Usually methotrixate or enbrel are pretty common treatments. These can only be prescribed by rheumatologists. These drugs slow down the damage so if your arthritis is degenerative then you need to be one these. It sounds like you need a good rheumatologist who will help you through this and support you. If you're not getting this, find a new one. Pain management is definitely important, even if you're on medication. They can help you deal with this pain and the emotions that come with it. Good luck, you're not alone. ….

  • treatment varies from what type of arthritis you have, what damage it may be causing, your lifestyle, and your ability to manage the pain on your own. I was diagnosed with JRA when i was in the second grade. I'm now a junior in high school and just found out a few months ago i was in remission. I still have pain from it from damage it has caused and from fibromyalgia caused by it. however, though my dr. put me on pain medications i do not take them because over the years i've learned to deal with it on my own. If your pain is significant and it keeps you from doing your daily activities or other wise living your the life the way you want then take them. Its depends on you and your situation.

  • i have arthritis and u should go to a good rhuemotalogist and a physial therapist. it helped me.

  • First, I express my sympathies for your pain. People shouldn't have to suffer like that. You seem to have standard Osteoarthritis or degenerative arthritis. This is arthritis that comes with old age. Normally, people regenerate cartilage quickly enough to keep up with daily wear and tear, however, in the case of Osteoarthritis, the body's ability to regenerate cartilage slows down. This results in a loss of cartilage and lots of pain when trying to move. This also results in swelling because of the inflammation that comes from osteoarthritis. I recommend you try an herbal treatment involving the products the WHITEE patch and LC Balancer. The WHITEE patch is there to counteract the osteoarthritis by regenerating the cartilage and draining the fluid (the patch makes you "sweat out" the fluid, interestingly enough) while the LC Balancer is there to facilitate the process. The patch works by funneling nutrient to and accelerating healing processes at the area. Since your case is severe, you would need a continuous 3 month treatment of 3 sessions. Each session takes 1 month and requires 6 WHITEE patches and 4 LC Balancers. The first session will yield a pain reduction of 50%, the 2nd would yield 75% pain reduction, and the 3rd session would provide sustained optimal results.

  • Degenerative arthritis treatment hip

    This is only a small list of why dogs get arthritis. Arthritis is described as a degenerative joint disease which affects cartilage or the soft covering of bone responsible for smooth, non-painful movement of joints. When this soft covering gets worn down, the raw bone surfaces rub together, causing lack of joint movement and extreme pain for your dog. The soft tissue is referred to as the synovium and together with the irritation of the joint lining or synovitis is shown to be held responsible for the cartilage degeneration. You will know your dog is suffering if there are visible signs of lameness, cracking sounds in the joints as your dog moves or lays down, deterioration of the muscles and swollen joints. You surely don’t want to look at your dog suffer with arthritis and need to understand what you can treat the condition.
    Many things can cause joint problems in animals and one of the causes is hip dysplasia. This is a developmental disorder of the hip joint of dogs, and larger breeds are most often affected, although it can occur in smaller ones. It may be the condition that your dog has, and the outlook depends on many factors, such as the severity of the condition, your dog’s physique and health status. There are, however, things you can do to alleviate the condition. …