Diets Exercises For Arthritis Lower Back

When I look back to when I was a kid, I remember spending summer days in the pool. It was such a blast to go swimming that nobody even thought about how much exercise they were getting. Now that I’m older, I realize that getting back into the swim is a fun way to obtain exercise and win at weight loss.

When performing this exercise, make certain that you keep your back straight and do not arch through the back. It is equally important to keep your abs engaged while rotating your torso to effectively direct the abdominal muscles.

Swimming is such a tremendous feeling. While swimming under water, I often imagined I was flying. No more rules about what goes up must come down.

Diets exercises for arthritis lower back

Exercise that you get in the river is low impact. If you have problems such as arthritis then swimming and pool exercises are a perfect exercise. Moving is almost effortless when you exercise in the river, no pain in your joints like exercise done outside the pool. Even though it feels effortless it also feels that you’ve had a good work out.

One important reason that water exercises are great for adults is that it promotes meeting like minded people. Unlike jogging it is easier to meet people while in the pool. Having a supportive group of people to share exercise with makes it so much more gratifying.

Water exercise is a great way to get aerobic exercise without the joint pounding you get from floor exercises or running. Improved cardiovascular functioning, weight loss, lowered blood pressure as well as an increase in metabolism are among the benefits you can expect from this low impact exercise.

You may feel that water exercises will not tell you the benefits of strength training like lifting weights. However, there are dumbbells made for the pool that feel light on land but heavy in the water. The added resistance came from the effort needed to move the dumbbells through water instead of air. Now you are getting strength training without the joint stress of lifting weights.

Strength training, whether in the river or on land, improves muscle strength. Improve your muscle strength and you’ll improve your balance, flexibility and mobility. As we age, hanging on to these three things becomes more and more important.

You do not always need a planned routine of exercises when you hit the pool. Swimming laps is an exercise that is hard to beat. Your shoulders, arms and back get stronger as well as your core muscles in your abdomen and lower back. As you swim longer and longer sessions you will find your endurance improves rapidly.

Most people have heard of the runners high. This is more accurately an exercisers high. Your brain releases chemicals called endorphins into your bloodstream that elevate your mode and contribute towards a positive mental outlook on life, as your body exercises. Add in increased blood flow and increased oxygen to the brain and your thinking becomes sharper and with more clarity.

Remember how much fun swimming was when you were just a child? Remember how well you slept at night after getting such great exercise? Then get back to an exercise that’s fun and good for your health at the same time.

FAQ’s: Lower back pain…….?
My lower back started to feel sore on Friday, I was lying on my stomach reading when it started to feel sore at the base of my spine. I thought the pain would go away but it is still sore. What could be wrong? I eat a healthy diet, I am not over weight and I exercise, I have had arthritis before but not in my back. I am a teenager.

  • Lower back pain is very common. Since mankind started to walk upright, the muscles and ligaments near the spine have had to support the whole upper body. Some of the causes of back pain: – Weak abdominal muscles, or poor choice of abdominal exercises (sit-ups can be harmful) – Unusual positions (perhaps your spine was extended in a weird way) – Prolonged standing, especially in heels, or prolonged sitting in a bad chair – Sleeping crooked – Emotional stress, which you may not even have been aware of before the pain began For temporary relief, try aspirin in normal doses, a heating pad (only while you're awake), and rest in a position that doesn't cause extra discomfort. After you feel better, here's an exercise which strengthens your stomach muscles without harming your back: Lie flat on a carpet or mat with both knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Slowly press the small of your back to the mat, hold for ten seconds or so, then slowly release. Rest for ten seconds, and repeat the exercise about five times, resting between each press. You can do this series two or three times during the day. If you get on and do some research, you'll probably find additional information. Stick to reputable sites and skip the advertisements that promise instant relief.

  • Lying on your stomach provides no support for the natural curve in the lower part of the spine; referred to as the lumbar area. From now on, if you're laying on your stomach, place a pillow underneath your stomach to give some extra support to your lower spine. You can also do exercises to strengthen your core. This usually stops lower back pain. For now, take some tylenol & sleep on your back or side.