Discussion Of Degenerative Arthritis Hip Replacement

Osteoarthritis which is also called wear and tear arthritis and degenerative joint disease; it is most common in people who’re overweight, traumatic injuries to the hip, fractures to the bone around the joint and genetic predisposition. Hip arthritis is a general problem, when hip arthritis affects a patient; the normal cartilage surface of the common is worn away. This arthritis can cause severe pain in joints. A painful hip can severely affect ability to conduct a full active life.

Another cause is Rheumatiod arthritis. This is an autoimmune condition where inflammation of tissues around joints (most commonly shoulders, hips and neck) occur. This condition will make joint swollen and worn, leading to a breakdown in cartilage and the need to establish a joint replacement.


Hip replacement is a surgical process under which the diseased portions of the hip joint are replace with new (artificial) joint. These artificial joint are called the prosthesis. The goal of hip replacement surgery is to increase mobility and improve function of the hip joint.