Does It Really Work?

‘Does Provailen work?’ is one of the most frequently asked questions about this natural supplement. Designed for the treatment of arthritis, with all its symptoms, Provailen provides natural relief and becomes an excellent alternative to traditional anti-inflammatory agents that have so many side effects.


How does Provailen work?

Provailen contains three powerful natural extracts that not only alleviate symptoms but also improve your overall health condition. Each of these ingredients impacts your condition in a specific way.

1. Reshi extract regulates the function of the immune system and prevents it from attacking joint tissues.
2. Tongkat Ali stimulates the production of testosterone and muscle growth around joints. This adds up to body stability and mobility at the same time.
3. Capsaicin stimulates blood flow, facilitates the absorption of the other ingredients and reduces inflammation.

Although each element of the formula plays an important part, it is the combined blend that gives power to the supplement, making it most efficient as one ingredient supports the other two.

Will it work for anybody?

  • In case you suffer from some other health problem besides arthritis, you should talk to the doctor before using Provailen. Some temporary side effects are considered normal, and usually associated with the adaptation period, lasting until the body gets used to the active ingredients in the supplement. Does Provailen work regardless of the overall health condition?
  • You should not use Provailen if you suffer from:
    • hypertension or fluctuating blood pressure;
    • heart disease;
    • hormonal imbalances;
    • digestive problems such as irritable bowel syndrome etc.
  • The manufacturer does not mention any interaction with other medication, however, an already sensitive body system may not react well to supplements.
  • Take your questions and dilemmas to your doctor in order to find out whether Provailen is a good choice for you or not.

Can you see results right away?

  • Provailen does not provide instant relief from arthritis symptoms. Arthritis is an auto-immune disease, and the body has to go through an adaptation period before you can see results.
  • A week is generally considered the average time required for an optimal response of the body. The majority of users report pain relief, reduction in inflammation and improved flexibility within seven days of administration.
  • Results last for a while, however, without active agents in the system, to keep the immune system under control, arthritis will kick back in.
  • The first signs that this supplement is doing a great job for you can be noticed in the quality of your sleep. Your night rest will be so much more rewarding then, without pain!


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Does Provailen work?     Yes, if used correctly, and for the great majority of people who try it. Here’s a link for you to find out more (and try it for yourself!)