Down The Arthritis Types Network Rabbit Hole

Speech recognition technology is important for anyone with arthritis. Arthritis affects all ages and occupations, but is especially devastating for anyone who types and communicates through using a keyboard on the web or office network. There are few options for a person who works in an office if they cannot type information into a keyboard except for speech recognition devices. Even though claiming disability looks attractive, the reality of actually exploring the chances of expensive medical procedures including splints or other devices, painful injections of corticosteroids and NSAIDs or finally, surgery is painful.

Living with psoriatic arthritis can be very difficult for some patients because it involves both physical and psychological pain. Many become disabled. It’s important for patients and people with elevated risk factors to learn as far as possible about the condition, treatment options and any new developments.

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Learning how to manage stress is essential. The chemicals released by the human body when it gets under stress can suppress the immune system and irritate both psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. Developing and maintaining a strong support network can help patients and those at risk face the potential physical and emotional challenges associated with such chronic conditions.

The first approach an employer will want to take in order to avoid these painful conditions is to transfer an employee to different duties. However, an employee who wishes to keep working on a pc may explore other options like headsets that record what is to be typed. There is legislation being passed that helps office workers with arthritis. For example, in West Virginia, the West Virginia Arthritis Prevention Education Act, which was introduced last February, was passed by the two chambers of the West Virginia Legislature on March 13. This legislation will establish an arthritis prevention and treatment education program within the WV Bureau of Public Health. An Interagency Council on Arthritis has included an allocation of $280, 000. The bill will be delivered to the Governor’s office where hopefully it will be signed into law.

Affordable equipment and software is now more widely used for office workers with arthritis. Speech recognition devises are equipment which lets a person with arthritis speak the words they wish to type or the commands they need to use into their computer instead of typing when they’re in pain. This equipment used to be expensive and non-compatible with many computers. Now, they’re accessible and cheap, even for small businesses. Small businesses can now employ and keep people with arthritis who need to utilize a keyboard without the expense or the inconvenience of using technology that originally was not part of their reach.

Even individuals who’ve arthritis can purchase this equipment to take with them on interviews so that they are able to prove they’re able to operate in an office without their arthritis being a burden. This sort of equipment and software has come a great deal in helping persons with disabilities continue to work and become valuable assets to small businesses and larger offices everywhere. Many government agencies also benefit from speech recognition devices because they help long term employees with arthritis keep working in a productive way that benefits everyone, including taxpayers. Speech recognition devices now save money and jobs for everyone, and reduce the liability and disability payments that any company must pay if someone is not able to perform their duties.

Many employers and small businesses have realized that experienced office workers are difficult to find. With this equipment, when an office worker has arthritis, there are affordable and convenient solutions to keep valued employees working. This equipment lets employees keep working and keep companies strong.