Fruit Arthritis Inflammation

Now there’s another reason to eat more fruits and vegetables. A new study indicates that a vegetable and fruit juice concentrate reduces inflammation and may reduce the risk of some chronic diseases.

Researchers believe that low grade inflammation plays a part in causing a lot of the chronic diseases that affect Americans such as arthritis, cancer, and type 2 diabetes-and even heart disease. What’s more, you can have chronic, low-grade inflammation festering in your body and not even feel, because it’s silently doing its damage.

More studies are showing that various diseases are associated with chronic, low grade inflammation such as arthritis, heart disease, and even some kinds of cancer. It may reduce the impact of some of the most common chronic diseases by finding natural foods and supplements that help inflammation.

Continuing The Conversation

Pomegranate is a valuable source of polyphenols which are strong antioxidants and are believed to be liable for the anti-inflammatory effect. Previous studies have shown pomegranate’s polyphenols can reduce cholesterol levels and protect against heart disease. Pomegranate has become a star across the world of medicinal fruits and is being studied for its part in reducing the risk of a range of chronic diseases because of its high antioxidant content.

When researchers at the University of South Carolina gave 117 middle-aged people a fruit and vegetable juice powder or a placebo for two months, the participants who got the fruit and vegetable supplements for sixty days had fewer markers for inflammation in their blood than those who got a placebo pill.

Fruits and vegetables are a valuable source of antioxidants and other natural chemicals that help reduce inflammation naturally. The fruit and vegetable juice powder used in the present study was a mixture of a great number of fruits and vegetables in all colors including berries, green veggies, and citrus fruits, offering a variety of natural anti-inflammatory chemicals. These anti-inflammatory chemicals act in synergy to do good things for the body.

Eat more fruits and vegetables to reduce inflammation and prevent chronic disease. Most people do not get their five-a-day-much less the recently recommended nine servings of fruits and vegetables daily. Of course, you can buy fruit and vegetable juice powders online, but do not use them as a replacement for eating fresh organic produce. Get the goodness of fruits and vegetables straight from Mother Earth like nature intended.