Funny Arthritis Video Realities

Do you need a good laugh today? This collection of the funniest cat vidoes ever is sure to lift up your spirits. Animals enrich our lives in so mnay ways whether it is a cat, bird, dog, or even a humble goldfish. Animals are such a joy to have around and they make each day special. Sometimes our pets do the strangest things that just make you laugh. This video collection is by no means conplete but I found them entertaining and I hope you do to.

Not only this, you can also download these videos from the websites and can make your own funny collection.

I cannot remember the amount of times I have wanted to bash my printer after it ate my printing job or the paper jammed. This cat teaches technology a lesson. If your printer malfunctions have a cat take a swat at it, the thing just may work again.

I really didn’t know…

Here’s a reminder not to leave your cat in the bathroom. I have seen some pretty wasteful use of toliet paper in my life but this cat takes the cake. This is an funny video and the music is good too. I like this one.