Help Copper Bracelets For Arthritis Relief

Copper braceletsare worn by thousands of people all parts of the world. Although the history of copper bracelets is a really long one and may have been worn solely on account of their beauty they’re worn today by many people on account of the reputed health benefits. Although, there is no definitive scientific research about the advantages of wearing copper bracelets many people wear them for this reason only.  The wearing of copper bracelets or even copper rings is regarded as a natural pain relief.

There is the idea that copper relieves pain caused by arthritis and rheumatism.  This is because copper is an important metal our body needs, but is often not absorbed naturally; and, it is believed also that copper has an anti-inflammatory effect in the bracelet when it touches the skin. It doesn’t matter where you get the pain as the bracelet will relieve this pain anywhere in your body. What is important is that the confines of the bracelet don’t touch the other and that the copper touches your skin. In fact some people only wear them only at night.

An interesting spin on this

The addition of magnetsto the bracelet is supposed to assist the body’s circulation. Again these magnets must touch your skin and the bracelets must be changed every 2-3 years to be effective, as the copper in the bracelet is absorbed by your body.

If you’re someone who suffers from arthritis or rheumatism pain there is not much to lose by trying these bracelets. There are many manufacturers on the market but the bracelet must be 100% pure copper and with bracelets that are silver or gold plated it must be only coated on the exterior of the bracelet for appearance and not the interior of the bracelet which touches your skin. Also, they have become a fashion trend and many bracelets now are beautiful fashion accessories coming in many designs often designed and handmade by artisans. They have been developed for sports people such as golfers, cowboys, actors, and even royalty wear them.

QUESTION: How effective do you think copper jewellery is in treating arthritis?
Have you found it works for you? Do you use rings, bracelets or what? How long have you used it? Do any other metals also bring relief?

  • Well I can say this much about it, my dad is 83 years old now and several years ago his joints hurt him so bad with arthritis that it was not funny. He started wearing a copper bracelet, and has been for years now. He has not had any pain in his joints since. But I also think it would depend on what type of arthritis it is as well as if it works or not. And it is NOT in your head either as in "if you believe it works it will and if you don't it won't". That saying is for the birds in this case. And yes it does turn your skin green, but guess what..soap and water will wash that away, even though it comes back every day. But hey if you don't hurt any more, what is a little green skin.

  • I think it's all in the head, if you think it will work, it does.

  • some swear by it. check out penn and tellers cable show named bullshit. they exam it

  • I know it leaves a green ring on my skin. Thats about it.

  • I tried for a six month period, no change for the better, in fact, I got worse. I don't believe the copper caused it to get worse, I think the copper was ineffective, and a true waste of my money.

  • I don't mind the green on my finger very much, though I might if it wasn't just on the underside of my finger. What I mind is whatever the silver colored metal was on top of the copper wearing off and then the corrosion of said copper making what was once a very pretty amethyst ring sadly ugly. As for copper helping to relieve sore joints, I haven't heard much about that. Around here (SE MN) and where I went to college (NE MN) the big thing for joints is magnetic jewelry.