Helping Arthritis Uk – A Closer Look

An individual suffering from arthritis will generally suffer from aching and swollen joints. This is the most frequent area affected by arthritis. The tissue in and in the joints becomes inflamed. There are many different kinds of supplements. One that many people swear by is FlexProtex. This supplement is based on rice bran. This has been shown to be helpful for people who suffer with joint pain and inflammation. While some people seem to think that you are not getting treatment unless you are on prescription medications or you are having surgery, many others believe in the amazing benefits of arthritis supplements.

Copper and magnetic bracelets worn to help relieve the crippling pain of arthritis are useless, scientists say. The healing effect that some users report is no different when wearing wrist straps made of any other material, according to the first scientific study into the treatment. Magnetic and copper bracelets are said to help a variety of ailments, including the chronic joint pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and other musculoskeletal disorders. Manufacturers of the bracelets, which cost between £30 and £50, …

That’s the suggestion from a number of studies on its use as a treatment for conditions as varied as cancer, diarrhoea and diabetes. In the latest research published last week, a Swedish team reported that the sizes of bladder tumours were reduced just five days after patients were injected with a breast milk compound. The team at Gothenburg University had been looking at the antibiotic properties of breast milk when a researcher noticed that cancerous lung cells in a test tube …

QUESTION: Can I get any help benefit for arthritis?
So I'm 19 and at the moment studying with Open University for my degree which counts as part time. I live at home with my mum and she has bad arthritis, is there any benefit help we can get from the government to help us, I do help her day to day because how bad her arthritis is.

  • That's a reasonable question to put to the DWP, and Social Services at your local authority (council). However this website will give you some indication Remember cheats don't prosper, so don't lie 😉

  • You need to go on to govdirect and do a benefit check because you obviously need more money, you could claim a carers allowance and your mother may be able to get P.I.P…if the doctor will back her up.Keep quiet about the Open University though as the government wouldn't pay you as a carer if you admit you're not available 100% of the time, they also may wonder how you're financing this without an income.