Helping Hands Of America

When people ask what does an entrepreneur do for America, one cannot answer the question easily owing to its wide concept. In brief, an entrepreneur helps in living the American dream by attending to the problem of unemployment.

America isn’t the only country that is experiencing the problem. According to the “Guardian” dated May 26, 2009, the corporate companies won’t be incorporating new people for several months to come. This means that the problem of unemployment will further increase unless entrepreneurs step in to take up the job of removing unemployment not only from America but from the entire planet.

The problem of unemployment can be removed only if people understand the reason for the problem and the choices available in America to become an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs are the only ones who can fulfill the dream of an America that doesn’t have any form of unemployment problems. They also help the government in implementing several plans by funding the schemes through the different taxes that their small-businesses pay to the government treasury. Most of these plans are aimed towards benefit of the American residents thereby helping them in living the American dream.

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Before we understand what does an entrepreneur do for America, let’s take a quick review the two important issues contributing to the problem of unemployment.

Helping hands of america

The best yet most ignored aspect which helps to the problem of unemployment is the ignorance or rather, unwillingness of a person to take up the reins in his or her own hands. The Government of America has provided several plans that help in starting a small business for entrepreneurs, right from counseling to financing small businesses.

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Entrepreneurship is an easy solution to eliminate the problem of unemployment in any country but people hardly consider it, assuming it to be something that degrades their social situation and by associating it with an unsecure future. Even if a percentage of unemployed start their own business, they’ll start earning not only for self but can also create a range of job opportunities for others.

An abstract definition of an entrepreneur would be “a person who earns money using the available resources so as to cater to his or her financial needs while also creating opportunities for other people to get employed."This Also explains what does an entrepreneur do for America.

Basically, when an individual starts to earn on his/her own, that person is outside the problem of unemployment. Coming to the issue of what does an entrepreneur do for America, it need not be mentioned that each entrepreneur created in America helps reduce the unemployment scenario in the state by some percent. If more and more people change their mentality and establish their own businesses, be at a micro level or at mid size, the scenario of unemployment in America changes significantly. These businesses create plenty of job opportunities that can be used by the unemployed to earn money.

The entrepreneurs pay several taxes related to their business other than creating job opportunities. This includes income tax, as well. In addition to the different taxes paid by the small businesses run by entrepreneurs, the people working with these businesses also required to pay income tax to the government (subject to the States’ regulations). Thus, a small spark ignited by an entrepreneur also helps increase money in the government treasury. This money is invested in different plans to help people with disabilities, orphans,, the senior citizens, and several other needy people across America.

To sum up, if anyone asks what does an entrepreneur do for America, the response is that she/he helps reduce the problem of unemployment and also provides funds to the national treasury by means of taxes that is put into several schemes for the benefits of American residents. This helps us in living the American dream.

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