Herbal Treatment For Stiff Joints

Many people are suffering with the intolerable problem of joint pain and stiffness. It is reported that joint pain and stiffness leads to several long-term health problems for more than one out of 7 adults and millions of children. Joints of the fingers, hands, ankles, elbows, shoulders, knees, hips, feet, jaw, and wrists may be influenced by stiffness or pain in joints.

The pain of arthritis occurs due to inflammation that occurs around the joint damage, joint diseases, every day wear on the stress of joints, muscles caused by movements of force against the pain to stiff joints and fatigue.

It sounds like you are suffering from arthritis. In women especially, the joints of the fingers are often some of the first joints to be affected by ‘wear and tear’, or osteo-arthritis, leading to a slightly knobbly appearance, and pain and stiffness, especially first thing in the morning, and when it is cold, just as you describe. In osteo-arthritis, it is the cartilage cushions on the surfaces of the bones that become worn away, leading to inflammation. Cartilage is not visible …

Rheumatoid arthritis usually starts when the synovium (which helps in the smooth movement of joints) become inflamed and stiff. Dancers, construction workers, weightlifters, and the dancers are often victims of rheumatic arthritis, due to strong stress on the joints in these professions.

Joint pain or stiffness are brought on due to many factors such as poor diets, deficiency of nutrients, poor digestive systems, preceding injury, some genetic propensity, too much physical effort, surplus of toxic buildup in the body etc.

When the joints become painful, stiff and inflamed, they reduce the quality of life. If you have increased joint stiffness, the range of your motion is reduced. Joint stiffness or pain is most noticeable in the morning and may only get better for one or two hour. Occasionally it lasts all over the day.

To live a normal life you’ve got to get stiffness and join pain relief. But the question it’s how to get stiffness relief or how to get joint pain relief? There are various solutions for this question. The best solution of this issue is use of natural and herbal treatments and remedies like Rumoxil capsules and Rumoxil oil.

Some natural and herbal treatments and remedies are very beneficial to get stiffness and joint pain relief; that are discussed here.

Rumoxil capsules are purely herbal composition so there’s no side effects from use of these capsules. Rumoxil capsule has very effective natural and herbal ingredients. Its ingredients includes vanda roxburghii, smilax china, zingiber officinale, saffron, solanum xanthocarpum, swaran bang, vitex negundo, benzoinum, argyreia speciosa, capparis aphylla, vitis quadrangularis, terminalia chebula, plumbum, caryophyllus aromaticus, myristica fragrans, colchicum inteum baker, mesua ferrea, balsamodendron mukul, withania somnifera, matricaria chamomilla, and piper longum.

Rumoxil oil, too, is a very good natural treatment to get relief from stiffness relief. This natural and herbal oil is used to massage at the region where the stiffness and join occurs. Rumoxil oil is made of purely natural plant based oils. Anyone can use this natural oil without any fear of side effects.

You can also use Rumoxil capsules and Rumoxil oil concurrently to speed up and get more good result I.e. get stiffness and joint pain relief.

Along with use of Rumoxil capsules and Rumoxil oil you should try some other things also to get better relief from joint pain and stiffness. You should regular practice some kind of gentle exercises. You should eat those foods which are rich in calcium and minerals such as pulse, kale, dark leafy green vegetables, chick peas, figs, almonds, and sesame seeds pumpkin seeds, kelp, and blackstrap molasses to supply nutrition to your joints.

FAQ’s: Natural remedy's for mature dog with stiffness?
Hi, My dog is suffering with stiff joints and joint swelling, he's 16. I would like to find natural supplements that would help his joints. I ( and he!) would really appreciate any advise, whether to use essential oils or to get a natural supplement for dogs joints. looking for something that really works! Thanks *woof*

  • Degenerative joint disease, also referred to as osteo-arthritis is a very common condition in both cats and dogs, and is often seen in older animals. In degenerative joint disease, the cartilage surrounding the joint changes, breaks down slowly and deteriorates as a result of wear and tear. A few things that you as a pet owner can do at home is to ensure that your pet maintains a healthy weight, eats a well balanced, premium diet to boost the immune system and encourage gentle exercise such as walking and swimming. Natural Remedies Natural and holistic treatments have been found to be highly effective in supporting the joints and skeletal system as well as overall health of your pet. Herbal ingredients, biochemic tissue salts and nutritional substances are a safe and gentle alternative without any unwanted side effects. Herbal ingredients such as Harpagophytum procumbens (Devil's Claw) and Arthrospira platenis (Spirulina) have anti-inflammatory properties and are beneficial in the treatment of degenerative joint diseases. Biochemic tissue salts and nutritional substances such as Calcium Fluoride, Natrium Phosphoricum and Glucosamine Sulphate strengthen and support healthy joints and alleviate pain and inflammation. You may get more info here http://www.healthherbsandnutrition.com/pets/muscleandjointsupport-supplement-cats-dogs.htm

  • This really works and we use it with our obedience and agility dogs all the time http://www.kvpet.com Glucosamine DS/MSM with Chondroitin 120 chewables for $19,.95 Item number 43081 This is a good company to deal with for all things dog related, including meds that require a prescription from your vet at an excellent price.

  • The easiest and safest and certainly the best in my opinion having used them for years is buy him a BIOFLOW collar it has a CPR magnet ( unlike other magnetic collars and i have tested all I know about over the years) you can buy it online and it makes such a difference to their lives…I also wear a Bioflow braclet and if I take it off I certainly know I am not wearing it after a few hours ….also give Glucosamine as a suppliment and a fish oil

  • the main thing is to get ur dog moving. my dog used to suffer from joint pain but as much anymore. when i would take him out to play i would give him advil or tylenol painkillers. like 1-2 max and they feel reduced pain. once they get active the blood gets back into the joints. and they are less stiff over time. mixing a couple shots of rum into a bowl of soup broth and meat mixed in as well. will get the dog nice and drunk and they will be able to enjoy themself as long as u don't give em to much. i would suggest having them outside with you so he can go to the wasroom without issues and incase he trips. he can land on the grass.