Hip Arthritis Blog – Elements To Consider

Many studies have demonstrated that exercise can be a big help to people with arthritis. Exercise can reduce stiffness and joint painplus it increases muscle strength, flexibility and cardiac fitness. It can also help with weight lose which can contribute to arthritis joint pain.

How is exercise related to controlling pains that come with hip arthritis? There can be full of reasons and there are many different types of exercises available for these different reasons. One of the major reasons why exercise is the main thing is for people experiencing pain because of being overweight. Lifting heavy weight, swimming, pilates, water, and cycling aerobics are exercises that can contribute to one in controlling his/her weight. In fact, it can also assist in strengthening your hip muscles and be a role in delaying a hip replacement surgery. Moreover, one can also do a therapeutic yoga exercise so as to reduce the swelling and to enhance the muscle of one’s hip area. Yoga can likewise reduce the swelling of the hips and can represent a start in enhancing one’s cardiovascular system that will help in performing different exercises. But one must keep in mind that a doctor must be consulted first before taking on any of this exercises.

But What About This??

If you have arthritis you should talk with your physician or other health care providers to know what type of exercise they recommend for you. Everyone has a different situation and should talk to their doctor about their arthritis and what’ll work best. People with osteoarthritis in their hands will get different recommendations than someone with rheumatoid arthritis throughout their whole body. Your doctor can also decide how severe your arthritis is and to what extent exercise is enough and give you the signs of when you should get it easy. Your doctor may even suggest beginning with a physical therapist.

Many people start exercising with range-of-motion exercises and low-impact aerobics. A doctor or physical therapist can offer you suggestions on a wide range of exercises or sports that you should or shouldn’t participate in. A physical therapist who has experience working with people with arthritis can even show you how to perform the proper exercises. They can design a home exercise program whether you have knee arthritis, arthritis in your hands, elbows, shoulders or hips. They can teach you about a pain-relief methods and even how to properly handle tasks like lifting heavy boxes or opening certain containers that may cause pain for those with arthritis.