Hip Osteoarthritis Prevalence In Uganda

Osteoarthritis is connected with aging and it seems to be more common in women over 55. Read this article to know causes, symptoms and herbal supplements for osteoarthritis.

Among the over 100 types of arthritis, osteoarthritis is the more common one. It is likewise called degenerative arthritis because it implies the damaging of a cartilage. The cartilages are observed between the bones of a joint for protecting them and they’re made out of protein. Osteoarthritis is strongly connected with aging and it seems to be more common in women over 55 years old. Once we grow old, the ‘protein material’ covering the extremities of the bones damages and those remain unprotected and more prone to inflammations.

The most common symptoms of osteoarthritis are joint pain and stiffness. This commonly occurs in hands, feet, spine, hips and knees, but osteoarthritis can basically affect every joint in the body. Osteoarthritis symptoms are very unpleasant and the sufferer goes through very hard times. They can finally lead to inability to move and, if left untreated, they worsen in time. Patients have also said that the pains are more severe in part two of the day only in the morning.

Hip osteoarthritis prevalence in uganda

So far the causes of osteoarthritis aren’t fully clear and more research is needed. Osteoarthritis can classify into two main types: primary and secondary. The first name is used when the causes of the illness aren’t clear and the other one when osteoarthritis is the outcome of the other medical condition. Studies have shown that primary osteoarthritis might be related with genetic predispositions, so it might be transmitted hereditary. Once the cartilage is damaged and it gets inflamed or it causes tension between the bones, pain and swelling occurs. Sometimes friction can also lead to spurs (deformed bones). These are very painful. Secondary osteoarthritis is the side effect of another medical condition. It is very frequent in obese people because the weight on the hips and knees is increased. However, it can also happen in diabetes sufferers or in the event of a hormonal imbalance.

Since osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease, it means that in time it will be more and more severe and on no account it should be left untreated. A doctor’s appointment is compulsory, with a view to receive a sure diagnosis and appropriate treatment. Analgesic and non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs are normally prescribed for patients with osteoarthritis and, for those that are overweight, losing weight is also recommended. Special exercises indicated by a doctor are also beneficial in reducing the joint’s pain and stiffness. There are also natural supplements that reduce the inflammation and other osteoarthritis related symptoms. They need to be employed only after making sure that they don¬ít interact with prescribed medication. You can try herbal supplements like Rumatone Gold capsules and massage oil.

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