Home Remedies For Joint Pain During Pregnancy??

Bonset is a plant which grows in the more temperate regions of North America and is located in areas from Florida through to Canada and west to Texas. It was used by Native Americans as a remedy for colds, rheumatism, flu, and several other fever causing illnesses. It was primarily used for any fever causing bone pain such as dengue fever which was also referred to as break bone fever.

Having a number of medicinal uses, the herbal and home remedies using boneset may include it as an analgesic, an anti inflammatory, as an immune stimulant, to increase perspiration, helpful for reducing fever, as an anti bacterial and a laxative. It may be useful in the event of the common cold, as a treatment for flu symptoms where it is believed the increase in sweating helps to lower the fever and to help stimulate the immune system.

Further herbal and home remedies using boneset have mentioned that this herb may be useful for increasing the resistance to infections and for loosening congestion and phlegm in older people. As it has a laxative effect it is useful in the event of constipation and likewise as a diuretic for increasing the movement of urine. Bonset has a number of flavinoids and is said to have shown promise in their use as a natural remedy for fighting tumors.

Other herbal and home remedies using bonset have been for the relief of migraines, problems which are linked to the bowel which may include diarrhea and intestinal worms, ailments of the liver such as jaundice, problems with the stomach and also the uterus. It was used in herbal folk medicine as a treatment for fibromyalgia or a specific type of muscle and joint pain. Because of its analgesic effect it may be useful as a topical herbal treatment for skin irritations.

It shouldn’t be used during pregnancy, large doses will cause vomiting. Bonset contains certain alkaloids and when taken in large amounts may cause injury to the liver or cancer, and skin dermatitis on contact in susceptible individuals.