Homeopathic Home Remedies For Arthritis Hand Pain?

Herbal tea is either of the popular remedies of relieving acid reflux. Herbal teas have been found to reduce acidity in the stomach and so relieve symptoms. Common herbal teas used for acid reflux are those containing lavender, peppermint, chicory root and aniseed.

Cinnamon is one of the single natural remedies for arthritis that many people say works very well for them. It is an anti-inflammatory herbal remedy that can help to cope with arthritis. Mixing cinnamon with honey has also proved highly effective in relieving arthritis pain.

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Omega-3 fish oil is an arthritis natural remedy as a result of the anti-inflammatory properties in the essential fatty acids which help to alleviate the pain and swelling associated with osteoarthritis.

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Most medication for treating asthma seeks to decrease the inflammation by using anti-inflammatory medications, or inhalers to temporarily dilate the passageway. There are some natural remedies for asthma that helps to reduce the frequency of asthmatic episodes. While asthma cannot be cured, it can be managed through appropriate asthma treatment. The first step in asthma treatment involves changing an asthmatic’s environment. This type of asthma treatment can be just as simple and effective too. This includes washing bedding every week in hot water, or eliminating pets from the home.

Best solution for Generalized Anxiety?
I have been suffering with Generalized Anxiety Disorder for over 14 years, I've tried all sorts of things including prescription medication to no avail. I would greatly appreciate any solution you may suggest, I prefer natural remedies and homeopathic remedies to treat Anxiety in general.

  • 14 yrs wow =ok heres the info that will sort this all i ask you to do is to report back with how u are getting along therapies for this are spiritual healing reiki edgar cayce violet ray applied to youir spine regular massage hypnotherapy voluntary work Spiritual healing ,Seichim and Reiki healing This is the application of spiritual energies to the effect of helping people on all levels of their being . That includes Your mental well being Your emotional well being Your physical well being Your spiritual well being . There are millions of these therapists around the world and people travel from far and wide to them .Billions of people have been helped from these therapies . And like all therapists there are good and not so good and some specialise in certain conditions like the physical and some do the mental etc .It is important to find the therapist which suits your complaint . But you must bear this in mind all healing comes under what is known as spiritual law =you will be healed to the extent that you have earnt .ie your karma –the reaping and sowing of all deeds done 0ften from past lives .And what you are doing for the service of others in this life . Thus you may easily two people with the same complaint go for healing and only one of them gets healed .which is why voluntary work is vital for your healing. You must Find good therapists in your area /and a good spiritualist church who often give their services for free as an offering to the divine . All you do is usually sit down in a comfortable chair and relax and think good loving thoughts –the healer may or may not place their hands upon you .That depends on how they are working . You can even put your names healing books where believe it or not healing is sent to you by thought and that can be very powerful as well. Spiritual healing — study the healing of harry edwards google search Harry Edwards recalled the case of a young man who, accompanied by a lady, was brought to me for healing. He was in great pain and eaten-up with arthritis. As the healing proceeded, so his pains left him, and his joints began to loosen and become free. When I had finished treating him, it was a real delight to see how wonderfully glad he was to be able to use his legs, feet, arms and hands again… and then he told me: "When I came here, I was convinced no one could help me, and I came only to please my Aunt, who brought me." You worked a miracle with his father when he was very ill 1983-84 when I wrote to you, but you will be pleased to know he is now working for the Council and lives a fairly normal life. I's report is complete – he is 100% fit and will have no trouble in resuming his sporting activities -considering the first reports, this is a miracle. I do not know how I would have managed without your wonderful help. You and the late Harry Edwards helped me so often and indeed I am still pressing on 18 years after I was expected to die from my last bout of cancer. I wrote to ask for healing for my sister who was to undergo an operation for aneurysm in the aorta. Her operation was very successful. After 1 day in intensive care and 2 days in progressive care she was back in her own room and has done extremely well. She was allowed home after 7 days when she had been told to expect to be in hospital for 10 to 15 days. Everyone was amazed at her recovery and the surgeon told her she had been a perfect patient. I feel sure the absent healing and our prayers were to a great extent responsible for this wonderful recovery and I thank you most sincerely for your help. I thought perhaps you would like to have a record of the people you have helped during the time I have been sending reports. M.L. -angina, complete recovery. D. L. -duodenal ulcer, complete healing. B.L. – Angina, complete recovery. P.D. – Leukaemia – apparent full recovery. On behalf of my mother, daughter and myself may I thank you for the lovely day at your Sanctuary last Tuesday. My mother is so much better it is truly amazing. She can stretch out her arms and even raise them to her head and her walking is much stronger. My daughter was very impressed, too. 1141/6 My condition improved in as much as I now have much more self-confidence and ability to deal with my everyday life. 1145/6 G.S. Good news. Up until recently he had to be helped to get into and out of his car. It is adapted to enable a disabled person to drive, The other day he got into his car entirely on his own and drove some 12 miles to a nearby town. Got out on his own and went into a shop to make a purchase. No wheelchair anymore! 1142/6

  • Limit "worrying time" to 30 – 45 mns, daily, possibly when you get home, or after your evening meal, but not too close to bedtime, after which, resolve firmly to refuse to worry again on that day. Understand that to do otherwise would be counterproductive to your mental health, and enjoyment of life. Having had your "worry time" for the day, you can just write down any more thoughts that come to mind, and say to yourself: "Well, I'll just have to worry about that tomorrow, won't I?". It's important to regularly monitor, and deal with a negative internal monologue (self talk), or mental process, such as disturbing thoughts, images, impulses, or emotions, by the process of (a): recognising it, and (b): challenging it immediately. Technique For Re-Programming Negative Thoughts: When you notice something negative, such as: "I can't do this/ am never going to get over this!" or: "Why am I always so useless/such a loser?" or even an image, emotion, or a memory; recognise that it is being generated from the negative part of your mind. After identifying and labelling it, visualise a large, red, flashing, "STOP!" sign, and/or possibly a stern faced person wagging an index finger at you in a negative manner, then say to yourself as forcefully as you can, even aloud in a big voice, if alone: "I know this tactic: GO AWAY FOR A WHILE !!!" You may want to use either: "ruse", "ploy", "game", or "trick". In the case of an image, visualise a large "STOP" sign, or your preferred version. Some people go so far as to keep a wide rubber band in their pocket, then put it around their wrist, when they catch themselves backsliding, stretch and release it, as a method of reprogramming their mind sooner, but I don't regard it as being strictly necessary. Remember to remove it, afterwards, if you use this method. Try replacing a negative thought with a positive affirmation of your choice, like: "I am a unique individual, with my own set of skills, and good points", or "I may not be perfect, but I'm doing the best I can, right now". Practice a relaxation method, daily, and when needed, such as http://www.drcoxconsulting.com/managing-stress.html or http://altmedicine.about.com/cs/mindbody/a/Meditation.htm or http://www.wikihow.com/Meditate and/or Tai Chi, Qi Gong, or yoga. Give the EFT a good tryout, to see if it helps you. It is free via the searchbar at www.mercola.com "EFT" & "EFT therapists" or www.tapping.com (13 free videos). Professional is best. – There is a version for use in public places, (if you like, you can claim to have a headache, as you massage/lightly tap your temples, but you would then be restricted to subvocalising: saying it to yourself in your mind: "Even though I have anxiety, I deeply and completely accept myself." Herbal remedies, such as chamomile, passionflower, or St. John's wort, are often effective, but the idea is (as with anxiolytic medication) to use them like water wings, or training wheels on a bicycle, providing initial support, and giving time for other treatments, such as therapy, and relaxation techniques, to take effect. See http://altmedicine.about.com/cs/conditionsatod/a/Anxiety.htm A free E course in CBT is at: http://ecouch.anu.edu.au/welcome 85% of people are suggestible, to some extent, so consider professional hypnotherapy, or more alternatives along such lines are at http://your-mental-health.8m.com/blank_8.html where this came from; read the rest.

  • Most medication for treating asthma seeks to decrease the inflammation by using anti-inflammatory medications, or inhalers to temporarily dilate the passageway. There are some natural remedies for asthma that helps to reduce the frequency of asthmatic episodes. While asthma cannot be cured, it can be managed through appropriate asthma treatment. The first step in asthma treatment involves changing an asthmatic’s environment. This type of asthma treatment can be just as simple and effective too. This includes washing bedding every week in hot water, or eliminating pets from the home.

    Cat urinary problems are actually quite easy to dispose of with the right homeopathic remedy on hand. Don’t waste your time with herbal remedies because they’re often harsh and come with side effects. You can give your cat a homeopathic remedy every day without worry of causing negative side effects.

    For optimum results, give your cat a homeopathic remedy for cat urinary infection every single day. This will prevent bacteria from flourishing in the urinary tract and keep your cat’s bladder healthy. Why make your cat suffer from a painful infection unnecessarily? Prevent UTIs altogether with a good homeopathic remedy.

    The most active ingredient of flaxseed is the presence of Omega 3. This eczema natural remedy comprises of 1/3 oil. The other 2/3 parts include protein, lignans, mucilage, and fiber. Fiber and mucilage are responsible for cleaning your colon of any toxic materials and body wastes while protein can give your body the sufficient quantity of amino acid it needs. Lignans is one of the potent ingredients, with anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties that can help fight off bad bacteria, often known to worsen eczema.

    Dietary choices play a key role in the development of arthritis in one’s body. Food choices that are low on certain nutrients can negatively affect the body’s functions. Excessive intake of some substances can likewise lead to the presence of painful rheumatoid arthritis, on the other hand. The third step in the direction of natural remedy of arthritis is the proper selection of nutrients, to help the body heal itself and fight off the inflammation.

    Another useful natural remedy that you can prepare at home will be ICE! Yes ice! Ice can help to alleviate the irritation on our face. We won’t try to scratch our face and cause further inflammation by doing so. Besides, by applying ice on your face, you can reduce the acne scars by a small extent temporary. Hence, if you’re rushing for a meeting, then you can consider applying ice on your face.

    VAXA’s Neuro-Scientists used cutting edge research with amino acid combinations, added Essential Fatty Acids and lipid complexes, reconfigured the homeopathic medicines, and added precursors to specific neurotransmitters. As a consequence of their work, ATTEND is improving the lives of the child and adults who’ve problems with attention, impulse, or learning control as a natural remedy for adhd.

    It is known that 80 per cent of women going through menopause would rather find a natural way to alleviate the symptoms. Managing mood swings, vaginal dryness, lack of desire or libido, stress, insomnia can all be managed through natural medicine.