How to prevent arthritis in your fingers

Psoriatic arthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, infectious arthritis, Osteoarthritis, gout, septic arthritis are the common types of arthritis. Pain and swelling in joints, reddening, stiffness and deformity of the affected joints, limited motion of the joints are some of the most important physical symptoms of arthritis. But arthritis hurts emotionally and psychologically too. Patients may have to depend upon others even for their daily activities. Arthritis is mostly found in older people, but now, many youth are also facing the problem of arthritis. Doctors do prescribe medicines for arthritis. In severe cases, surgery is recommended, for example, knee replacement surgery. Such treatment may damage your body with certain side effects, making you weaker for the end of your life. To avoid this, one should follow some simple home remedies.

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does "popping" your joints like your fingers prevent arthritis or increase your chances of getting it?
I am a teenager and growing a lot and my fingers, elbows, and ankles are always popping without me trying. i have heard that this is good and bad from different sources, but i don't know wat to believe. i would like a professional answer if i can, and some reason on why it helps or not.

  • I work in the medical field and i see alot of arthritis patients. And that is mainly passed down from generation to generation, but occasionally people who over work there hands and joint for alot of years can get arthritis. Usually though your bones have to be skeptical to it. What your body is doing is natural, and no it wont cause long term problems. However people who do crack there knuckles alot can have joint damage in the long run from that. I wouldn't worry to much.

  • no not really, its just nitrogen that forms and when it pops it leaves the joint

  • if its a natural pop then dont worry about. but if you like me and have 17 different ways to pop your fingers alone, then you can worry.