Iron Pills Joint Pain

Iron is among the most essential nutrients required by our body. It performs an important role in the training of hemoglobin and certain important enzymes. Being a key element of the hemoglobin, it facilitates the transport of oxygen throughout our body. A dip in the iron levels can have serious health problems. Anemia is one such medical condition caused due to an iron deficiency. Since iron plays an essential role in strengthening the immune system, a person with an iron deficiency becomes more vulnerable to infection. Since low iron levels affect the oxygen supply to the tissues and organs, one might experience the signs of an iron deficiency. The symptoms of an iron deficiency anemia generally include fatigue, lack of stamina, loss of appetite, shortness of breath during physical activities, headaches and insomnia. If you’re suffering from this condition, you must consume foods rich in iron. Sometimes, doctors might even prescribe iron pills for anemia.

Since iron performs several vital functions, you must make sure that you’re getting enough iron through your diet. If your diet doesn’t include foods containing iron in the required quantity or iron isn’t being absorbed and stored according to the bodily requirement, you’re more likely to suffer from anemia. Those who follow a strict vegetarian diet might also experience the symptoms of iron deficiency anemia. Low iron levels could also be caused due to blood loss, parasitic infections and prolonged use of aspirin.

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Heavy menstrual bleeding and pregnancy are among the common causes of iron deficiency anemia in women. Those of you who’re suffering from an iron deficiency anemia can take iron supplements. Since women need more iron for the growth of the baby, they’re generally advised to take iron supplements during pregnancy. Though such pills are easily available, that does not say that you keep popping these pills on your own. Since an overdose of these pills can cause iron toxicity, you must have these pills according to the prescribed dosage.

Iron pills joint pain

If you’re buying these supplements over the counter, you must know more about levels of elemental iron present in the pills. Generally doctors prescribe iron supplements that have the greatest amount of elemental iron. What does elemental iron mean? Well, elemental iron is the exact amount of iron from the pill that is absorbed by the body. If you’re unable to get iron through your diet and you’re very anemic, you must adopt the best absorbed iron pill. While selecting iron supplements, doctors generally prescribe ferrous supplements. Iron pills generally contain ferric or ferrous form of iron. Ferrous iron is basically classified into ferrous sulfate, ferrous gluconate and ferrous fumarate.

Though the ferrous form of iron is easily absorbed by the body, one might experience some side effects. Consumption of certain medicines or supplements can interfere with the absorption of iron, therefore, it is important that you consult your doctor regarding this aspect. Since calcium can inhibit absorption of iron, you must avoid taking these pills with milk. Excessive consumption of zinc and vitamin E can also interfere with absorption of iron and needs to be avoided. Since vitamin C facilitates better absorption of iron, including foods rich in vitamin C to your diet might help. You can also take vitamin C and iron supplements together.

FAQ’s: can someone die from iron pills?
guys plz help… theres this guy… he hasnt eaten any food for 3 days… he's only been drinking water and alcohol lately now he says he's gonna take 20 iron pills… can that kill him???

  • Males don't need iron pills. They can do serious damage in high enough dosage they could kill. Although I doubt 20 iron pills would kill your friend they won't do him any good. Women remove excess iron from their body through their monthly cycle (menstruation). Men don't. Excess iron can cause: * weakness, tiredness and lack of energy * joint pain and stiffness – particularly in the hands and fingers * a tanned or bronzed appearance of the skin * loss of libido in men * shrinking of testicles * weight loss * abdominal pain Later, more serious symptoms may develop including: * diabetes * arthritis * heart problems * enlargement or damage to the liver

  • Yes. It's possible to over-dose on iron. Because that can cause liver damage or organ failure, causing him to die.

  • uh yeah that's definitely going to do some serious damage if not kill him. no matter how much concentration you have in each of those pills. 20 pills is clearly overdosing and can very easily exceed 200 times of how much we need regularly. so simply put, those iron pills might destroy his liver, bc the liver is a main storage of iron when there is too much iron in the body. and if this guys still wants to live then he better get his acts together and stop thinking of more ways to kill himself faster. doing this will cost him a lot of money to fix himself later on. i don't even want to go into the consequences. good luck

  • An overdose of iron supplement pills may lead to stomach disorders such constipation, irregular bowels, diarrhoea, and abdominal pain. If your body is not able to absorb iron from the pills, you might pass black stool. Other side effects include skin problems, muscle and joint aches, breathing problems, development of blood clots, or an irregular heartbeat. Pregnant women must be very cautious about the dosage. An overdose could put your child at a higher risk of developing iron poisoning.

    So, this was some information on iron supplements for anemia. If you’re suffering from an iron deficiency anemia, you must include foods rich in iron to your diet. Taking these pills in the prescribed dosage will also prove beneficial.