Joint Pain All Over Body Lotion

For me it’s been about seven years. I rolled over in bed one night and this pop in my back woke me up. It felt uncomfortable but I just rolled over and went back to sleep. Waking up to go to work the pain was so bad in my right shoulder and arm I almost cried.

The doctors office did not open for two hours and I suffered indescribable pain waiting for them to open. He took some X-rays of my shoulder and wrist. (I did tell him of the pop in my back) Not being able to see anything outside of the ordinary a cortisone shot was recommended to me and the I was sent to a specialist. This orthopedic doctor put me on one of the NSAIDs. I had the shot and it did help. Ouch to the pocket book and shoulder. Being a painter, I did not make it return to work for two weeks.

However, there are differing opinions about joint pain all over body lotion

When one is stricken by something like osteoarthritis or has any other kind of a pain in the joints, a combination of Chondroitin and Glucosamine Sulfate would do the trick. The combination is helpful in preventing the proliferation of the pain to other joints of the body. It could work on the inflamed joints and deliver you from all sorts of pain associated with joints. Chondroitin works on reducing the speed at which cartilage breaks down in case of patients afflicted with arthritis. This way, it enables the patients to move around freely without much pain.

When all the news started coming out about people having heart attacks and strokes I stopped taking the NSAIDs prescription. My doctor said I was young and healthy and I would be OK. (or should be) I discontinued it anyway. The FDA took several off the market. One is still available. The benefits out way the risks. The phamacutical company’s say that about all their products.

Statistics show one out of three people deal with pain daily. Pain relief has became a multi-billion dollar business world wide.

All of us baby boomers are coming of age and all the aches and pains have showed up too. The way many of us abused our bodies when we were younger it’s amazing we made it. Sorry to say many haven’t. But the majority of us are still hanging in there.

To much fun, work, diet, technology, inactivity. So many factors contribute to our aliments besides just aging.

Arthritis, Bursitis, Carpel Tunnel, Nerve Pain, Muscle Pain, Joint Pain, and the list goes on and on.

These days I suppose breathing air has its risks. All the chemical toxins in our water and food put us at risk. Its getting to the point where eating fish is a health risk. The wild caught have toxins built up in their bodies. The farm raised are pumped full of antibiotics.

I find this hilarious and sad. If there is a fungus living in my toe nails the pharmaceutical companies have a treatment for me ‘but’ the risk is liver damage. Oh well. Liver damage is better than the fungus.

The list of such craziness goes on and on. Don’t get me wrong, the longevity of living is well improved by many medications and our loved ones remain with us longer that at any time in history.

And that’s what I did, as many of us do. Everyone’s threshold of pain is different. When you reach the point where toleration isn’t an option any more relief needs to be found some where. Over the counter or from a doctor. The doctors solution was unacceptable to me. When I would have a bad day, of course, swallowing a pain med was the only option.

Since I have developed an interest in pain relief I have found people do become complacent about their pain. Becoming a portion of their everyday life. I give out free trial packs. After a few days I’ll ask them if they tried it yet? ‘It’s in the glove box on setting or the bar. ‘ It’s taken three weeks for some. I’m not one to pester whenever the time comes that they rub some on the telephone will ring. Most want more right away but some say it works great but just go back to dealing with the pain.

I have seen and experienced amazing results with this lotion. Reduce swelling and eliminate pain in minutes. As I was saying about my shoulder, applying it to my back where I felt the pop, the pain disappeared in less then five minutes. Using it for a few months now I use it when that little twinge appears once a week or so. I say it has the WOW factor.