Joint Pain Knee When Squatting

Sometimes back pain relief or even relief for knee joint pain can be gained by going to a physiotherapist or a chiropractor. Other times temporary low back pain relief may be gained by abstaining from certain foods. However it is entirely possible that you could get rid of low back pain, shoulder pain and even upper back pain without doing either of these things.

If you have chronic pain, you’ll want to see ways to reduce the discomfort so that you don’t have to take drugs. Pain medication is normally only given when you’re severe, acute pain. If you tear a ligament, you may experience severe pain in the knee that may lead to your being prescribed pain medication. Most doctors will offer some kind of pain medication, for a limited time, for any patient who’s in pain on account of a hurt knee ligament (speak with your doctor about particular situation before taking any drugs).

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Much body pain is caused by wrong posture. When we adopt the postures of the western world it causes out bodies to become stiff and rigid. Over time the muscles that should support our body in order that we can move without pain become shorter than they should be and that throws pressure on muscles, tendons and ligaments that weren’t meant to take that sort of weight or pressure. The result is that, in many cases our joints wear away because they’re not supported properly. Our bodies become stiff and hurt when we walk or move.

Joint pain knee when squatting

The knee is the largest joint in the body. However, it’s the most at risk because it carries the most weight of the fund and the pressure while we’re moving. Do you know that 1.5 times of our body weight is confirmed by our knees when we’re walking? On the other hand, about 3-4 times of our body weight is supported by knees when we’re climbing the stairs, while when we’re squatting or picking up something, it supports the body’s weight of about 8 times.

Because this takes some time to develop, we often feel that it is due to old age  a natural process of aging joints. Or we might feel that it is because we eat the wrong foods and so have developed arthritis. However you may notice that stiffness and pain isn’t necessarily an age thing; many younger people are likewise affected.

FAQ’s: I have knee joint pain.?
I have pain on my knee joint. I'm 16 years old, and I'm healthy and am not obese or have any health issues. How do I relieve the pain?

  • Usually it is because the tendon under the kneecap is unstable so your kneecap moves A LOT. There really isn't much other than wearing knee braces to stabilize the kneecap. Wear for a few months and keep on wearing it even if your knees feel better. Try and avoid exercises that hurt your knees, for me it's like squats and running. Also try stretching your hamstrings and glutes.

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  • The posture that is considered good in western culture isn’t necessarily good for our bodies. Asian cultures can squat with ease, keeping their heels on the floor. This is how our children do it. However, they unlearn it due to our culture. Learning to adopt the right posture, instead of the western teaching on correct posture will help us to dispose of a large part of our pain.