Joint Pain Or Muscle Pain

Gastric bypass patients are typically advised to avoid NSAIDS, or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen, due to the greatest risk of ulcers. I was informed of this by my surgeon before I underwent gastric bypass surgery, of course, but I underestimated the impact it would have on me. I developed fairly severe back pain, owing to a herniated disk in my lower back shortly after my gastric bypass. I saw a back specialist, who advised me that NSAIDS would probably relieve my pain, but after discussing the matter with my bariatric surgeon, I concluded it just wasn’t worth the risk.

Peggy O’Brien-Murphy receives a massage from therapist Loretta Lanz. O’Brien-Murphy was among the participants in a study that found both relaxation and deep tissue massage are effective treatments for lower back pain. Low back pain is second only to cold symptoms when it comes to complaints that send people to the doctor. Sooner or later, back pain seems to get most of us. Read a summary of the findings and their implications from the Annals of Internal Medicine. Now, a study …

QUESTION: How can you tell the difference between joint pain and muscle pain?
Is it joint pain or muscle pain that stops almost immediately when you quit moving or change positions to rest or get relief for the suddenly very sore area?

  • Very seldom, if ever, are you going to feel joint pain. There are no pain receptors in the joints or ways of sending messages. You are really feeling the pain in the muscles around that joint, ones that have become inflamed or are having pressure put on them. So the real answer is it's all muscle pain.

  • Joint pain or muscle pain

    Some people find relief in the botanical cures. Popular herbs include Angelica root (which serves as anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxant and pain killer) and is made into a tea. This is the most popular herb because it covers all the bases. Another good one though is Black Cohash which has the same effect as Angelica root and is made into a tea, though it can be a little harder to find. Boswellia only has anti-inflammatory properties, but will not upset your stomach as some drugs do. These are just some of the natural herbs which have been utilized to relive joint pain.
    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or CDC, said in a statement it was tracking reports of the chikungunya virus, which has surfaced among some residents of the French side of St. Martin. An infection from the virus is rarely fatal, the CDC said. Symptoms include a rash, headaches, joint and muscle pains. Infected patients often recover within a week, although joint pain can last longer. The CDC said it was the first time the virus, which is transmitted by …