Joint stiffness herbal remedies

Joint stiffness is related with the condition of joint pain. Joint stiffness affects the normal lives of the people to a large extent. It is essential to be aware of the symptoms and causes of stiffness in joints before going for any of its treatment. In this condition people suffer from chronic pain in the affected joints.

The movement in the condition of the stiffness in joints is far below in report to the normal movement.

This condition of joint stiffness restricts any type of joint motion. Even if people try to move it, he or she faces lots of difficulties.

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In this condition a person suffers from severe pain and all the activities including walking, bending and turning gets affected.

Joint stiffness herbal remedies

The main cause of stiffness in joints is Arthritis. Even Osteoarthritis may also result into the question of joint stiffness.

Exercise: Lots of physical activities and various kinds of exercises are helpful in enhancing the condition of joint stiffness. Stiffness and swelling of the joint reduces, with the assistance of a good cardiovascular exercise. Walking is also one of the most effective exercises aimed at reducing the stiffness as well as for the total functioning of the body. But you should have a good pair of walking shoes for this purpose.

Foods: Certain foods are responsible to reduce stiffness of joints. You should avoid the foods which are high in saturated and trans fats like red meat or processed meats like pepperoni, salami etc. you should also avoid baked foods like pies, cake, cookies and pastries. Intake of vitamin C and Vitamin D are helpful in providing relief in the stiffness of your joints.

Yoga: Yoga combined with deep breathing exercises is very much helpful in reducing the stiffness in the joints. These exercises are very much helpful in relaxing the muscles which surrounds the stiff joint. It is likewise helpful in enhancing the flexibility and movement of joint.

People with arthritic joint pain are advised to do low-impact aerobic exercises like walking, biking, and swimming to assist them to manage their pain and stiffness. Range of motion and strengthening exercises can be helpful to maintain the bone strength and to enhance the muscle strength surrounding the affected joint. However, you must get away from high impact exercises. Try to maintain a healthy body weight, as being obese can worsen your joint pain. Also, avoid sitting under the same position over an extended period of time and move your joints often.

Following a healthy diet is very crucial in controlling arthritic joint pain and inflammation. It has been observed that omega-3 fatty acids can aid reduce the pain and inflammation associated with arthritis. There are also some fruits and vegetables that can assist you deal with your pain. They include cherries, cantaloupe, papaya, pineapple, celery, and cayenne powder. Eating nightshade vegetables and foods that contain omega-6 fatty acids may increase your pain. Massaging, taking a hot bath, and applying heat or cold compresses to the affected joint are area also good ways to relieve joint pain and inflammation caused by arthritis.

Now, let’s see how effective herbal remedies for arthritis in reducing joint pain and inflammation are. Several herbs and spices have always been used to treat arthritic symptoms. Turmeric, with its anti-inflammatory properties, is found to be a good remedy for the relief of symptoms of arthritis, especially the rheumatoid arthritis. Turmeric capsules are now offered in the market. Ask your doctor before starting to take these capsules for arthritis. A simple home remedy for arthritis pain is to make a combination of turmeric powder and coconut oil and apply it over the affected joint.

Arnica is one among such herbs that are really effective in reducing joint pain and inflammation due to arthritis. Add a little amount of arnica tincture or extract to some water. Put a cotton pad in this liquid and put it over your painful joint area. Do not use Arnica if you have an open cut or wound. Teas made from alfalfa, stinging nettle, papaya seed, and ginger are also splendid examples of how effective are herbal remedies for arthritis in reducing joint pain and inflammation. Put a tablespoon of sesame seeds in water and leave it aside overnight. Consume these seeds along with water in the following morning. This is another effective remedy for arthritic joint pain and inflammation.

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