Joint Supplement Side Effects

The fact that there are certain potential HGH side effects causes many people to avoid using HGH supplements. It’s unfortunate because today’s best HGH supplements can give you all the benefits of injectable Human Growth Hormone while minimizing the many side effects that are most common with the expensive, injectable HGH.

It’s unrealistic to think you can then use any type of hormone or supplement without ever experiencing side effects. Just listening to the many commercials today for various medications will illustrate this. The list of potential side effects is often longer than the committee’s list of benefits! The key is to understand that "potential" HGH side effects do not occur in everybody who uses HGH. It does not even occur in most of the people. While you may experience a few mild side effects, most people are not going to develop serious problems.


The riskiest form of HGH is injectable. This is reason, it is only available with a prescription and can not be administered with a doctor’s supervision. This is to keep potential side effects under control. Injectable HGH introduces a large number of genetically created HGH into your body all at once. This can knock you for a loop. Potential HGH side effects as a consequence of repeated injections include liver damage, heart problems and insulin resistance. Having a doctor closely monitor the dosage and frequency of injections can keep these potential side effects under control. Some people using injectable HGH may also develop bony overgrowth, particularly in the facial bones around the jaw line and under the eyebrow ridges. Others may develop carpal tunnel syndrome due to bone growth in the wrists. One of the major side effects that is problematic with long-term use of injectable HGH is damage to pituitary gland function. Because your body is getting significant amounts of HGH through the injections, your pituitary gland may think it no longer has to produce Human Growth Hormone naturally and shut down. This can give rise to a life-long dependence of the injections, creating a vicious cycle.

Fortunately, most people who’re interested in using HGH to turn back the hands of time will either use an oral spray or take supplements in pill form. The beauty of these is because they do not contain high doses of pure, genetically created HGH. Instead, you’re taking smaller amounts of actual HGH combined with supplements that will trigger your pituitary gland to produce more of your own body’s natural Human Growth Hormone. HGH side effects tend to be minor with the lower dosage.

Minor side effects include some joint pain in the early stages of use, some facial hair growth and fluid retention. If you’re taking HGH supplements, you can either cut back on the dosage you’re taking or spread out the frequency with which you’re using them so as to minimize or eliminate these minor side effects.

Joint supplement side effects

Taking any supplement that’s new to you may be a little frightening at first. After all, you don’t want to replace your joint pains with nausea or other discomfort. Fortunately, with natural supplements examination of many surveys show minor to nonexistent negative side effect claims. It is recommended to never exceed daily dosages provided on product labels to avoid harsher side effects such as diarrhoea or swelling. Upon initial introduction to your diet you might feel brief stomach pains. However, these are said to be very weak. After all, your body is already used to producing the chemical so it can be extremely unlikely you’ll feel any negative side effects at all.

The most devastating side effect of injectable HGH is the shut down of the pituitary gland. With oral HGH, this is not a problem at all because the ingredients in HGH supplements actually stimulate your pituitary gland to produce more HGH. You are, in essence, making your body more efficient at producing HGH on its own. Your pituitary gland, rather than shutting down, increases its efficiency.

On the other hand, homeopathic HGH enhancers actually stimulate your pituitary gland to stimulate more of your own HGH. Your body is n�t &quot ;surprised" by the increase, as it is naturally occurring within your body, not being artificially introduced. If you look for HGH enhancers that are time released you can reduce the risk of side effects even more. A slow release formula that is absorbed into the blood stream at a steady rate won�t lead to spikes in HGH that may give rise to side effects. The higher the quality of an HGH formulation, the less it is probable you’ll suffer from the unpleasant side effects of HGH such as joint pain.

So what are the negative side effects of HGH? The joint pain just mentioned is one which is frequently felt in the first few weeks of use. However, this usually fades as your body adjusts to the growing levels of HGH. Fluid retention, another mild side effect of HGH, also usually decreases as time passes. If these are the only side effects you experience, you�ll probably agree that these are more like minor inconveniences compared to the numerous advantages of increased HGH production.

As with any supplement, there is still the chance you’ll develop HGH side effects, but these are usually minimal when using oral HGH. If you do begin to show unpleasant side effects, reduce the dosage you’re taking to find out if it helps. And, of course, never take more than the recommended dosage of HGH. Although you may feel that taking more will intensify the positive results, this is not normally the case. You only need so much Human Growth Hormone to get the optimum health and fitness benefits; after that, you’re likely to improve the side effects rather than the results you’re seeking.