Joint Supplements Dosage Debunked

Joint supplements are medicines that are taken to cure joint problems, or at least lessen the pain in joints. These joint problems occur when dogs are growing or when there is genetic problem, thus leading to improper bone formation. Sometimes, this is where arthritis starts.

Giving joint supplements to dogs with joint problems is the easiest, but likewise the riskiest way to cure the problems. A dog can only take joint supplements with a prescription from the vet just like other major vitamins. It will also rely on the condition of the dog and his or her joint problem. Obese dogs with joint disorders won’t be cured by supplements alone but rather by having proper diet and exercises, for example. Supplements are just an added bonus. Again, this will up to the vet as to what to he’ll prescribe to the dog and to the pet owner.

Supplements that contain glucosamine and chondroitin are known to make joints more healthy and strong, for dogs suffering from arthritis. The supplements strengthen the cartilage around the joints and condition the body to keep the fluid necessary for the joint to work. But not all supplements are tolerable because some of them may be allergic or have side effects, depending on the dogs health condition. Some of the best joint supplements that are friendly to dogs are: Super Joint Enhancer, Joint Enhancer for Dogs, and Arthramine, Consequin for Dogs, Super Joint Omega,.

Now, Consequin for Dogs is what most pet owners prefer for their dogs because it’s one of the best. But, since we you dont want to do any damage to your dog, it would be best to try and see how your dog responds to this type of supplement. Remember, most joint supplements are safe, but make sure to be given to the right dosage or you may end up giving your dog a major diarrhea that can last for endless days and lead to dehydration. Its always automatic to follow instructions in the package and if the symptoms persist, don’t hesitate to consult your vet.

To help senior dog owners find the right supplements it is recommended that you first consult with your vet. They are aware of your dog’s medical condition and can advise the best approach and dosage based on their in-depth knowledge. They can make suggestions on which products and companies to explore and many times can give you insight into how other patients have responded. If you have done your homework and have questions on specific supplements on the market, you can request your vet if they got any extra information. They have access to many databases and sources of public information and can often provide a solid opinion on the supplements in question.

Most of the large breeds are prone to having joint problem, so he best way is for them not to be over exercised and rough activities. It is better to have them check up with a vet if you notice some symptoms of say, arthritis, to keep them from getting worse. Depending on the condition of dog, it is likely that you’ll have to give supplements to your dogs their whole life, especially when they respond greatly to it. If not, then symptoms might return, and your dog won’t be function well anymore. But, it is of paramount importance to exercise your dog regularly and impart a proper diet in order for them to have strong and healthy bones. This is part of the liability of the pet owner, and will show how many you care for your dogs.

Joint Supplements Dosage Conundrum