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Lyme disease is caused by the bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi, and is passed to mankind through food of a deer tick. Those who spend a significant amount of time in wooded and grassy areas are more sensitive to Lyme disease.

The first symptom of Lyme disease is normally a small, red bump at the spot of the tick bite. This bump can appear in a couple of days or even a month later. The redness of the bump will spread out and form a rash. This bump and rash is often described as looking like a bull’s-eye. The bump may be tender or warm to the touch.

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Rash. Small, red bump may appear in a couple of days to a month, usually at the location of the tick bit—often in your groin or belt area or behind your knee.

Along with the rash, flu-like symptoms such as fatigue, body aches, chills, headache, and fever may occur. Severe joint pain and swelling may develop in a matter of a few months.

On occasion, weakness, and numbness of the limbs, impaired muscle movement, short-term paralysis of one edge of the face and meningitis may materialize if Lyme disease is left untreated. Other rare symptoms include irregular heartbeat, severe fatigue, hepatitis, and inflammation of the eyes.

QUESTION: 13 yr old with knee problem and lyme disease?
I have had lyme disease since I was a toddler and am getting treated by the best lyme doctor in the world. I have had many strange problems over the years. Oh and don't tell me I'm treating it wrong and it goes away in a few weeks. EVERY lyme patient I've EVER spoken to has done doxycycline and felt amazing then weeks later it came back twice as badly. Now that that's cleared up let me get to the point. For about a year now my left knee feels like it has a hard lymph node underneath the knee cap when I straighten it while walking. It doesn't really hurt except after I walk for a long time without a break. It has NEVER happened to my right knee. I've always had growing pain-like pains after a lot of leg use a couple hours later and everyone just diagnosed it as "tendinitis" or "arthritis". I believe that is irrelevant and I got rid of that with treatment but I felt it was worth mentioning. The knee pressure isn't constant and has no pattern; it is completely random, and only happens with a very specific walking pattern. About 3-5 years ago I jumped into my couch and one of the springs came loose and cut a hole into the side of my knee in the left hollow spot diagonal to the knee cap in front. It went so far that I saw "white" flesh and it didn't really bleed. The pressure started happening fairly recently this year though. I've always had problems with my legs but this is a very weird one. Thank you all for any valuable insight into what the problem is. Sincerely, Jeremy.

  • Let's see– you jumped onto a couch, cut your knee years ago, now you feel pressure now in the area. And you had or have Lyme's disease. Well, the second point is irrelevant to the first. If you are being treated by the best Lyme doctor in the world, then he can tell you if you finish your course of antibiotics correctly, the spirochetes are killed. Period. Unless you get the disease again, from a separate tick bite, which is always possible. You may have done damage to the knee when you injured it, such as shaving off tiny bits of cartilage. An abscess may have formed, causing long-term issues. You'd have to get an MRI to confirm, if it's really bothersome. Best wishes.